University reconciliation and compensation for victims of the Wolf Medical Case in Southern Canada amounted to US$215 million

 University reconciliation and compensation for victims of the Wolf Medical Case in Southern Canada amounted to US$215 million

It is reported that on the 13th, lawyers representing the victims issued a joint statement expressing their appreciation for the courts decision. He also said that this decision would give every woman who was violated by Tindo the opportunity to hold Nanga accountable and force schools to improve their work so as not to repeat similar incidents. The judges decision will also compensate every female victim.

DATA GRAPH: Campus of Southern Canada, USA. (World Daily/journalist Zhang Yue)

Earlier, Ding Duo and Nanga have been sued by hundreds of victims, many of whom said they were improperly touched or even photographed by Ding Duo during gynecological examinations. Others said that while Tindo was checking, he made some sexually meaningful comments.

According to the settlement agreement, every girl who has been sexually assaulted will receive at least $2,500, plus other compensation ranging from $7,500 to $250,000. The agreement also requires the approval of a three-member Committee of the court.

In addition to compensation, Nankar was sentenced to have to make many administrative changes. The school will establish an independent position to ensure that complaints about violations of women and racist behaviour and speech are handled exclusively. In addition, the recruitment of staff in university hospitals in Nankar must also include background checks on whether there is a record of sexual offences.

It is reported that the class action represents about 17,000 patients who were treated by Ding Duo from August 14, 1989 to June 21, 2016.

Ding Duo worked as a school doctor in USC from 1988 to 2016 and was the only full-time gynecologist in the school for nearly 30 years. In 2018, it was revealed that Ding Duo used his position to invade students for a long time. Employees at USC Health Center told investigators that Ding Duo was particularly fond of teasing Chinese students.

From 2012 to 2014, a Chinese woman surnamed Ji attended the Department of Public Health Policy Management at the University of Southern California for her masters degree. At school, she was examined by Ding Duo, a gynecological school doctor, without a nurse. She said that Tindo not only improperly touched her body, but also made improper comments on it, which made her feel offended.

Source: Responsible Editor of China News Network: Chengyu_NBJ11143