Chinese-American scientists at Emory University were asked to move out of the office: forcing me to leave

 Chinese-American scientists at Emory University were asked to move out of the office: forcing me to leave

Emory University

In less than a month, Emory University, a famous university in the South of the United States, has once again made trouble for Chinese scientists.

On May 31, Yu Shanping, a tenure professor and director of anesthesia at Emory University Medical College, confirmed to the surging news that the director of the Department told him that he had to move out of his current office before the end of June to make room for a new assistant professor, and that the school had not yet arranged another office for him. Later, he was told at a follow-up meeting that if he did not move out. Go, the school will send someone to do it.

Regarding this unusual move on the school side, Yu Shanping said that he had proposed alternative office arrangements, including the use of other recently vacated spaces, but was told that senior school officials specifically designated to replace his office. When he insisted on his position, the school told him that he could move to the Veterans Affairs Medical Center four kilometers away.

Yu Xiangping has been a lecture professor since he joined Emory University in 2008. He told Peng Mei News that he did not understand why schools treat lifelong professors in this way, I can not continue to study and teach without an office. I think thats the first step they want me to leave. He said.

Vikas Sukhatme, president of Emory Medical College, said in an email to Shanping on June 11 that your laboratory space is being adjusted, but wrote, the decision will not be affected by the letter you signed or your race. Currently, Yu shares an office with three students and a postdoctoral working in the laboratory.

In early March, Yu sent a joint letter to the president of Emory University with eight other teachers urging him to follow the example of Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley to express his support for protecting international teachers and students. Yu Shanping said he feared that the move would lead to retaliation from the school.

Last month, Emory University officials fired two Chinese scientists (including a tenured professor) and closed their laboratories for not fully publicizing the sources of foreign research funds and for the scope of their work for Chinese research institutions and universities. The two Chinese scientists are the signatories of the joint letter, and it is reported that the third co-signer has also left Emory University. All the signatories are Asian-American. Some of the professors have been Emorys faculty for decades.

At present, Emory University has not yet responded to the relevant inquiries of the surging news. According to Science, Emory University spokesman Vincent Dollard said in a statement, Emory University and Medical College appreciate Dr. Yus contribution. The adjustment of his laboratory space is in line with the policy of the Medical College, which is actively seeking different options for the doctors office and laboratory space. He said.

Source: Yang Yi_NBJ10647, Responsible Editor of Peng Mei News