Details of Zhang Yingyings suspects interrogation: from biting lies to loosening mouth

 Details of Zhang Yingyings suspects interrogation: from biting lies to loosening mouth

Christensen (Source: ABC7 Video Screenshot)

Overseas Network, June 14 - Chinese scholar Zhang Yingyings opening statement in the case of kidnapping death in the United States was made on the 12th by both the prosecution and the defense, and a large number of details of the case continued to be disclosed in the court hearing on the 13th. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) played a video in court, recording how the suspect Christensen, when questioned, did not let go of the dead bite lie from the beginning.

According to ABC7 and News Bulletin, FBI agents testified in court on the same day. Agent Anthony Manganaro pointed out that by looking at Christensens Google search records, they found that the suspect closely followed Zhang Yingyings missing news reports. Less than a week after Zhang Yingying disappeared, I was suspicious of Christensen.

Manganaro confirmed that Christensen constantly changed his story during questioning and that a video of FBI agents and University of Illinois detectives talking to the suspect was released in court on June 15, 2017. Earlier, a surveillance camera on campus captured Zhang Yingyings final picture before she lost touch, showing her riding in a black Saturn Astra sedan. Agent Smith confirmed that he began to pay attention to Christensen after a preliminary inspection of his apartment and vehicle earlier, because black Saturn Astra is not common, while Christensens car has a skylight and a broken hub, as in the surveillance video.

Video provided by the FBI showed that during the interrogation, Christensen initially reiterated his earlier statement that Zhang Yingying was sleeping or playing games at home when she was photographed entering the black Saturn Astra. I watched the surveillance video, but I didnt see me in it. Christensen tried to justify this.

Subsequently, Detective Stevenson responded that what you see is what we allow you to see, suggesting that they have more videos in their hands, and already knew that Christensen had contacted Zhang Yingying. At this time, Christensen became restless and his attitude took a 180-degree turn. He admitted shortly afterwards: Maybe Ive lost track of the day. I did pick up a girl and get on the bus. Christensen described the Asian girl who was about 20 years old as catching the bus, but still insisted that after a few blocks, she got out of the car.

Investigators continued to press him, saying records showed that Zhang Yingying had searched for an address after entering Christensens car. FBI agents continued to ask, Where did you take her? We need to find Yingying. At this time Christensen said, I think its time to stop answering... Ive tried my best to help you.

Another surveillance video released in court showed that on June 9, 2017, the day Zhang Yingying disappeared, Christensen bought a cheap bottle of rum in the shop in the morning. Three days later, on June 12, Christensen bought garbage bags and a product for cleaning drains at the same store.

Source: Associated Press

According to US media, Zhang Yingyings father, brother and boyfriend listened to the translation of the trial content through headphones in court on the 13th. Zhang Yingyings mother, unable to appear in court because of her emotional instability, listened to her in other parts of the court.

In his opening statement the day before, Kristensens defense attorney, Taserf, admitted that the defendant was responsible for Zhang Yingyings death, saying that Kristensen killed Zhang Yingying. The prosecution disclosed more heinous details when the defendant committed the crime.

A lawyer for Zhang Yingyings family said that Zhang Yingyings family hoped that the trial would bring some conclusions. The conviction phase is expected to be completed on or before 28 June.

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