Three fools are not only the Queen of the North, but also the Queen of herself.

 Three fools are not only the Queen of the North, but also the Queen of herself.

Sophie Turners popularity has been soaring. With his exquisite acting skills, he won the role of Phoenix Woman in X-Men: Black Phoenix. I wonder if you went to the cinema to see it? (Very recommended! Lets not go into the spotlight here

Game of Power made her famous and depressed.

Sophie Turner once talked about her depression process in an interview program, which originated from the negative evaluation of Sandra in Game of Power.

It was easy for me to believe what they said, yeah, I had spots, I was fat, I was an unqualified actor. I used to believe that. I became so prone that I couldnt see any good positive comments. Sophie Turner admits that to this day, she is still suffering from depression. For me, getting up and going out is still a great challenge, and learning to love myself is the most difficult. She disclosed that she had once thought of committing suicide. Now she says she is stepping out of the haze, although she still needs medication to control depression.

Become intimate friends of the boudoir because of the plays relationship with the two girls

Sophie Turner is about the same age as Maisie Williams. During the audition for Game of Power, they met each other as usual and became good friends without saying anything.

The two sisters even tattooed the time (07.08.09) on their arms to commemorate the first day they became sisters in Quan You, hoping to remember this day forever. Asked why their friendship was so special, Sophie Turner explained: Its really hard to have a friend who understands what youre going through, who is your age and comes from almost the same background. Growing up in the public eye, we have struggled with the same physical problems and adolescence problems, but we have learned from each other the strength to overcome them.

Choose wedding dresses not exceeding 1000 Euros at the peak of your career

She is in the ascendant stage of her career and has no hesitation to marry Joe Jonas.

Little Science Popular: Joe Jonas is a popular idol, and his two brothers formed a combination of Jonas three brothers, after flying alone, and with his three friends formed a pop rock band DNCE, Cakeby the Ocean is his work.

You know, Joe Jonas is a prodigal lover. He has had many girlfriends in the circle. Mildew, supermodel gihadid, mixed-race beauty Camilla Belle, Disney child star singer Demi Lovato and Swedish model Blanda Eggenschwiler were his ex-girlfriends. Mould also wrote a song Forever AndAlways to record the feelings of failure.

Its also interesting to talk about how he fell in love with Sophie Turner.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have many friends in common, and an Instagram letter formally recognizes and communicates with each other. They are seven years apart, but quickly get engaged after a year of dating. Sophie Turner has thanked Joe Jonas more than once for his perseverance in encouraging and supporting her in a loving and companionate way during a period of extreme instability in her mental state, which led to her gradual recovery. Everything he did saved me in some way.

Joe Joneas and Sophie Turner attended the Billboard MusicAwards awards ceremony. After the awards ceremony, they held a wedding in the local chapel. The whole process was kept secret. As a result, the guests were exposed by dynamic photographs of the wedding scene.

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Three Silly Wedding Spot (Source: Netease)

Sophie Turener didnt even wear a wedding dress, but was wearing Bevza Silks V-collar white pants and a white dress. The official price of white pants is 580 euros, shoes are from Loeffler Randall, and the official price is 395 euros. The whole set of LOOK does not exceed 1000 euros, so it can be said that it is very grounded.

In an interview for the promotion of the new film, Erya mentioned that she would play an important role in Sophie Tureners wedding. When asked if she would become a bridesmaid, she said, I am already there!

How to wear a 175 cm blonde doll?

Sophie Turner can be said to be the representative of beauty from childhood to adulthood, when he was a blonde beauty embryo.

She is in line with the traditional British beautys appearance, delicate features, blonde hair and blue eyes, and overcome depression, more and more confident, super-strong, exuding charm, no matter what hairstyle can be perfectly controlled.

Not only that, she is tall, white skin, dressed very well. Gao Mei is worth learning from. ~

European skeleton is relatively large, her 175 cm height will look somewhat burly, she will avoid most of the outdoor dress on the red carpet, often choose high-cut sling skirt or pants. Open skirt lets legs appear faintly. It can achieve a large degree of visual effect of lean legs, stretch the proportional line of legs, and make people appear very sexy.

She wears a skirt and looks sexy. Sexy assault warning:

She wore a Paco Rabanne silver sequined dress at the premiere, blonde hair, red lips, sexy shine, is a mermaid fish.

Valentino black dress, beautiful legs looming.

At the Venice Film Festival, she wore Yanina Coutures elegant black dress in spring and summer, which was sexy and chic, showing off her tall figure.

Golden sequins sling open skirt, small tie design, pull up the proportion of stature, highlight the graceful figure.

At the Academy Awards, she chose a sapphire blue dress. The hollow-out design of her chest was very brilliant. Blue showed her fair skin, noble and elegant.

At the American ActorsUnion, she was gorgeous and sexy in a red sling dress.

At the Academy Awards, she chose a silver high-cut dress, which was charming.

The final season of Game of Power premiered in New York in the 8th season. She wore the LV2019 Autumn and Winter Series, sexy sexy sequined black skirt and smoky makeup.

In addition to sexy high-cut skirts, she also chooses handsome trousers. White croptop with jeans creates the illusion that all the legs are below the chest.

Choose high-key design pants to create the illusion that legs are below the chest.

Or use a belt, not only cleverly embellish the overall LOOK, but also lengthen your high waist curve.

Dont think she can only take a sexy line, playing cool is also super strong, oil head shape, simply A burst.

Look at this proud little look in your eyes.

The red carpet has no grooves, and it is also favored by LV. It has won the endorsement, attended many brand activities, and shot advertisement blockbusters for it.

LV Jewelry New Product portrait

On World Childrens Day, appeals are made to help save childrens lives and to design bracelets across borders.

Autumn and Winter Advertisements

Together with Laura Harrier and Chloe Morete, she plays LVs Charming Breakfast Doll

But who doesnt love Sophie Turner who overestimates in the unexpected world and tries to live up to what he wants to be and be his own queen?

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