Six new improvements to the iPadOS that you might overlook crush third parties

 Six new improvements to the iPadOS that you might overlook crush third parties

In iOS 13, Apple eventually separated the iPad system and named it the iPadOS, making it unique. It maintains the same version and update cycle as iOS 13, but shows more differences on the iPad. Lets take a look at the six new system-level features that the iPad has acquired. With them, you can basically abandon most third-party Apps and directly enjoy the wonderful experience of the native system.

These new functions include:

u00b7 Improvement of ApplePencil

u00b7 floating keyboard

u00b7 Non-destructive video post-processing

u00b7 Safari Download Manager

u00b7 AppExpose

u00b7 XboxOneS and PS4 handle support

Apple Pencil Improvement

The iPadOS has made a major optimization of Apple Pencil, making it have a lower latency rate and a sense of writing on paper. At the same time, Apple has opened up Apple Pencil development controls, third-party stylus and third-party handwritten App can make their own products and services with the same low latency as Apple Pencil. Of course, there are also a series of convenient tools, such as eraser precise erase, ruler and so on.

On the iPad, you can use ApplePencil to scratch up any corner at the bottom of the screen to complete a long shot. The saved long shot can be the entire document, e-mail or web content. After the screenshot is completed, you can also use ApplePencil to mark it directly.

Floating keyboard

Although the biggest concern of iOS 13s native keyboard is slider input, floating keyboards that can only be used on the iPad may be more practical. With this, you can squeeze the keyboard with your fingers and zoom it down, then drag it anywhere on the screen. When needed, you can type without affecting the viewing screen.

Non-destructive video post-processing

Native video editing has been greatly improved in iOS13. Now, you will be able to use almost all the common tools in photo editing on video, including video filters, distortion repair, automatic screen optimization, exposure adjustment, saturation and other parameters. You can also rotate the vertical video, flip it, or tailor the size of the video picture fairly easily. And theres no need to worry about destroying the original video. The video editing operation of the iPadOS is reversible. You can undo any effects, including timeline pruning, to restore the video to its original state.

Safari Download Manager

Safari Download Manager will have desktop browsing mode, and now has its own download manager, users can download any file from Safari, whether multimedia, documents, zip folders or other files. For large file downloads, you can also pause or continue. The downloaded content is stored in iCloudDrive and can be jumped directly from Safari.

In addition, iOS13 and iPadOS already support compression and decompression for all kinds of files imported from downloads or external storage.


The iPadOS brings us great new features, such as dragging and dropping multiple applications, opening the same application with multiple windows, and simple gestures to navigate each other in all open applications. But in this way, in daily use, we may have N windows at the same time, some are the same App, some are different Apps. What about a quick look at all the windows of an application? AppExpose is needed at this point. It only needs to click on the App icon in the Dock to activate, so that you can see all the active windows of the selected App at a glance.

XboxOneS and PS4 handle support

In the WWDC keynote speech, the support of PlayStation 4 Dual Shock 4 and Xbox Ones is mentioned in the short tvOS section. In fact, the new feature also supports iOS 13 and iPadOS, which is a good surprise for gamers who buy the iPad, especially the large-screen iPad. The pairing of the two handles is also very simple, go directly into the Bluetooth list, and then let the handles go into the Bluetooth connection (PS4 handles are Share keys, Xbox Ones handles are XBOX keys).

You can also check the battery power of the handle in the Battery kit.

It should be noted that the old XboxOne handle has Bluetooth, but needs a connector, so iOS13 can not support it. In addition, Nintendo ProController should join in the future, as long as Apple and the veteran are willing, according to this simple and fast adaptation model and the type of handle. So players who are the host party themselves dont need to buy additional handles and assembly kits for App anymore.

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