Its too comfortable to marry a man with high EQ.

 Its too comfortable to marry a man with high EQ.

Because we seldom come out for activities, we seldom have time to get together this time, and our mood has relaxed a lot. We all have a good time, and soon the sky becomes dark.

Looking at their bad mood, some people wanted to arouse the atmosphere, so they joked about where Chen took his wife in the afternoon.

He seemed to be still angry and said angrily, I was going out to drive to the garden by myself, but she wanted to rent a bicycle with both electric and pedal functions from the villa. As a result, after riding for more than ten kilometers, the bicycle broke down, and I was in a hurry. The last afternoon was delayed on this matter, and I didnt come back until now, and dinner was not yet served. Eat. Its all her fault. I shouldnt have listened to her! This woman is so stupid as to die!

When Lao Chen listened to her words, he was furious and was ready to go forward to find her theory. He was persuaded by everyone, otherwise the war would soon escalate.

Old Chen is a notorious bad temper in the circle. His EQ is not high. At home, he and his wife always quarrel for three days and five days. In the company, he also offends others because of his bad temper and never gets a promotion or a raise.

Unfortunately, it happened to Lao Li as well, but the results were quite different.

When Lao Li and his wife went out, they rented a bicycle to visit the garden, and the car broke down on the way. But Lao Li described to us this way: When we went out, my wife decided to rent a bicycle. I thought it was a great idea, but sadly, our bicycle broke down on the way. I was really in a hurry at that time. I didnt know how to do it. Thats all right. However, my wife is really intimate. She comforted me and helped me stop the car together. Finally, she played a womans charm and stopped a car, so that we could come back safely. Otherwise, we might be sleeping in the wilderness tonight. Todays experience is really unforgettable, if we recall it many years later, I am afraid we will still remember it.

When Lao Li spoke, I noticed a detail. His wife always smiled and looked at him with loving eyes.

Lao Chen and Lao Li, a high emotional intelligence and a low emotional intelligence, are also true and accurate descriptions of the same thing. The difference is that where attention is focused, positive or negative, the outcome is quite different.

Tell me another story.

On one occasion, when she came home from work, she was very angry because her wife was a little angry outside and her husbands attitude did not stand on her side.

Suddenly, her husband came up to her with a hair dryer and said, Well, wife, Im wrong. Come in and blow-dry your hair, or youll catch a cold easily.

Suddenly, two lines of tears burst out from her wife. She realized her husbands feeling of cherishing herself, and her anger had vanished.

I always like to say that home is not a place of reason, but a place of love.

Because when you are reasoning, when you start to argue for reason, feelings begin to dust. You are reasoning on the surface. In fact, both of you are unconsciously holding their heads full of self-righteousness, hurting and attacking each other. At the end of reasoning, there is only the end of both defeats and emotional breakdown.

People with high EQ have known this for a long time. They know that there are feelings and trust between them. It is not clear that they can make sense in a few words at once. Since they cant make sense, they wont argue too much in their feelings.

In fact, a woman is easy to satisfy. There is a saying that if she often praises her wifes beautiful old clothes, she will not want fashionable new clothes; if she kisses her wifes eyes, she will become blind; if she kisses her lips, she will become mute.

A woman is not difficult to understand. As long as she knows how to change her position and considers her inner feelings, she will be the best gift in your life.

On one occasion, he took a bus and saw a boy and his girlfriend chatting with each other by texting on their mobile phone. They were talking about a game.

The girl said that I had cleared the customs. The mans input was I got through earlier, but he pressed the delete button, re-entered so strong, take me when you have time, and then sent it to the girl.

Instantly, the boys EQ was convincing. The first reaction of human nature was to show off, but he controlled it, just for his beloved girl.

EQ is really important when a girl chooses a partner.

A man with a high EQ lives on the same channel as you. He knows what you mean by one look. A man with a low EQ always misunderstands you. You dont mean that, but he just wants to understand it.

Most importantly, men with low EQ always control others to love themselves, while men with high EQ completely do not control you, but you love him more and more deeply.

The world is a combination of energy, Zhang Defen said: Not only all the visible matter, but also the invisible sound, thought, idea, emotion, are some kind of energy with a specific vibration frequency!

Older generations often warn us that finding a man is to know what is cold and what is hot, and they will cherish themselves. In fact, what they say is to find a man with higher EQ, because people with lower EQ will not know what is cold and what is hot.

The rest of your life is too long. Marriage is hard. Please choose to be with a man with high EQ.

All harvest sweet love!

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