Looking Forward-Hao Jun Min Lunxiu has no chance to fight Chongqing Luneng for the Asian Championship

 Looking Forward-Hao Jun Min Lunxiu has no chance to fight Chongqing Luneng for the Asian Championship

Chongqing and Shandong Luneng have played 18 times in the Chinese Super League, with Chongqing winning 2, 7 and 9. Chongqing has won 2 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses at home nine times.

Chongqing Sway:

Chongqing Switzerland was in good condition for some time, but in the past three rounds, Chao Chao only got 2-1 negative results, two consecutive matches and 0-0 mutual white papers. After a period of rest, Chongqing Sway clearly hopes to rebound at home. Yuen Mincheng and Luo Hao will be released and come back. There are no injuries in other positions. Chongqing can use the strongest team to meet its opponents.

In addition, Chongqing Sweet is in the middle of the situation is relatively stable, and Luneng will be distracted for the Asian Championship this round, Chongqing Sweet Town has a full chance to win points or even win a victory at home.

Shandong Luneng:

For this match, Li Xiaopeng said: After a very valuable interval, all our players are in good condition. Tomorrow at Chongqings home, all the players will go all out for a good performance. As for the injury situation, Li Xiaopeng said: Jin Jingdao and Zheng Zheng, tomorrow may be involved in the competition, the body has recovered. Expected start for both sides: Chongqing Sway: 17-Sui Vicje; 5-Jiang Zhe, 26-Yuan Mincheng, 4-Luohao, 23-Chen Lei; 13-Yin Congyao (U23), 8-Dingjie, 9-Adrian; 32-Fernando, 32-Fernando, 27-Calderk, 27-Kardek, 7-Feng Shandong Luneng: 14-Wang Dalai; 24-Qitianyu, 24-Qitianyu, 4-gill, 35-Dylin, 39-Songlong; 11-Liu Yang, 25-Felery, 18-Zhou Haibin, 18-Zhou Haibin, 13-Zhou Bin, 13-Zhou Bin, 13-Zhang Zhang Lei, 9-Lei, 9-Zhang, 9-Zhang, 9 28-Chen Kerui (U23) Source of this article: Netease Sports Author: Qiao Mai Responsible Editor: Li Siming_BJS2696

It is expected that both sides will launch:

Shandong Luneng: 14-Wang Dalei; 24-Qi Tianyu, 4-Jill, 35-Dailin, 39-Songlong; 11-Liu Yang, 25-Ferraini, 18-Zhou Haibin, 13-Zhangchao; 9-Pellet, 28-Chen Kerui (U23)