Remarried at 55, the toughest woman in Hong Kong got the real big heroine script.

 Remarried at 55, the toughest woman in Hong Kong got the real big heroine script.

First generation gambling king Fu Lao Rong, his name may not be familiar to you, but he has a famous grandson-in-law named Ouyang Zhenhua.

Ye Han is a real gambling king with amazing gambling skills. Judging the size of a point by dice is his unique stunt. The prototype of all kinds of gambling king holy movies in Hong Kong.

Ye Han united with Ho Hongshen and Huo Yingdong to destroy Fu Laorong, and then he forced him away. Weng Jingjing married his distant nephew He Biao.

The gambling king family is just the label given by the outside world to He Biao. In terms of blood, He Biao and He Hongbiao are far away from each other.

But Hos family is too big and complicated. Everyone has something to do with them. He Biaos father, Ho Hongzhang, had a violent love affair with Ho Hongbians sister and ten girls, He Wanqi. At last, two of them fell out for money.

To sum up, the He family has three characteristics: great energy, great beauty and great passion.

In theory, Ho Biao is a well-known orthodox family. His great-grandfather is a famous Sir Ho Dong. The Ho Qidong family was the first well-known family in Hong Kong at that time. Ho Hongbians grandfather, Ho Fu, was only Ho Dongs brother. When Ho Hongbian was unknown, he was always enthusiastic with his grandfather and claimed to be a member of the Ho Qidong family.

Anyway, you know He Biao is a real big family. But this is not the key point. Compared with Weng Jingjings Niu Biao, the halo of the luxury on He Biaos head is not worth mentioning, so todays focus is still Weng Jingjing.

Saying that Weng Jingjing is the toughest woman in Hong Kong entertainment circle, I dont know if there is any controversy. Hui Yinghong, a woman of female origin, is also a strange woman that has been seen in all scenes, but she is scared to death. So far, when talking about Weng Jingjing, she is still waving her hand: this woman is too fierce to be provoked. Youd better not mention it.

Weng Jingjing was born in a broken family. Every legendary woman seems to have this premise. Not breaking up is not enough to talk about life. First, tear herself, then the world.

Weng Jingjings mother, Zhao Xiaoyu, is not a human being. She worked for the Macau gambling king, married Vietnamese businessmen first, and then Macau gangsters.

When I saw Weng Jingjings Dragon Girl Dressing up, it was really amazing. I even suspected that the 97 edition was more like Li Ruotong who was found like this.

1. Hard life.

The most famous example is that she and Chen Baiqiang, Zhang Guorong, Zhong Paulo three acted in the film [applause], Zhong Paulo jumped to suicide in 89; Chen Baiqiang died mysteriously in 1993, had been deeply depressed before his death, took a lot of sleeping pills; Zhang Guorong jumped to suicide in 2003.

Chen Baiqiang once loved Weng Jingjing deeply. Unfortunately, they were still ignorant at that time. After all, their feelings did not cross that step. Chen Baiqiangs ripple was written to Weng Jingjing.

Oh, by the way, Chen Baiqiang has another well-known girlfriend, that is, He Chaoqiong, the most famous daughter of Gambling King.

More to say, Xu Jie is not an ordinary person either. She is the sister of Xu Feng, a famous Taiwanese actress and chairman of Tang Chen, and the aunt of Tang Jiarong. Xu Jie turned behind the scenes without making too many movies. She supervised all the movies.

But Weng Jingjing attorney upstairs superior and partner Lin Jingyes bizarre fall, once again became Weng Jingjings hard evidence.

At that time, Weng Jingjing was divorced from Liu Jialiang and went out with Lin Jingye publicly. Later, Liu Jialiang came to his door to catch rape and frightened Lin Jingye to climb onto the windowsill. As a result, he fell down and died.

It is unexpected that the peach murder case, which caused a lot of trouble in the city, has instead become the catalyst for Weng Jingjing and Liu Jialiangs emotional warming. The two men reappeared in the publics sight hand in hand. Weng Jingjing accompanied Liu Jialiang to fight the disease and passed through the last years.

2. Love between young and old

There are two reasons why Weng Jingjing falls in love with Liu Jialiang. When she was filming with Zhang Guorong, as a newcomer, they were often bullied. Zhang Guorong recognized Liu Jialiang, a brother of Wuxing, as a godfather whenever he moved, while Weng Jingjing simply let the other party pretend to be his boyfriend, coming and going and acting falsely.

Another is that when Weng Jingjing was 14 years old, she met Liu Jialiang outside the hotel and fell in love at first sight.

I dont know how she fell in love with Liu Jialiang at first sight when she was 14 years old, who was 30 years old and still not good-looking. Anyway, it is very difficult for ordinary people to fall in love with Liu Jialiangs appearance.

But Liu Jialiang is a real master of martial arts. Huang Feihong, the master, may be shooting for two meters and eight in an instant.

Weng Jingjing said that she was a canary raised by General Liu in his previous life and would like to repay her kindness in this life. Qi women are Qi women. Being a junior three, they are so fresh and free from vulgarity.

Liu Jialiang had a wife, concubines and a lot of gossip girlfriends, but Weng Jingjing didnt care. She thought that the three wives and four concubines were normal in that time.

She did so much to prove that I love Master Liu.

However, true love does not mean monotony. The story of Lin Jingye was told in front of him. Now the husband He Biao said that they had been in love for five years and Liu Jialiang had gone for 13 years. This meant that Liu Jialiang was deeply grieved at his funeral. Weng Jingjing, who claimed several times that she wanted to follow him, soon joined the next love seamlessly.

Despite traditional morality, her soul has always been free.

Finally, when it comes to learning hegemony, Weng Jingjing would not be the most famous legendary woman in Hong Kongs history if it were only a shocking love affair between young people and remarriage.

The reason why Weng Jingjing can be convincing is that Niu forced her to hang her resume all the way. Liu Jialiang admired his wife very much. He said that his wife was too good at flower arranging, cooking, foreign languages, philosophy and law. As long as she wanted to learn, she could learn easily and better than anyone else.

She used to rest for love, saying that she would not shoot without filming. She learned to be a housewife at home full-time, boiled cauliflower handicraft samples, and knitted sweaters could be put out to sell money.

Later, Liu Jialiangs career declined. In order to subsidize her family, she went out to sell insurance. That year, she achieved the global top 10 of the companys performance. She also opened an insurance consultancy company on her own.

Weng Jingjing has also done two other well-known things. One is to stand up for her good friend Wu Qili, who won Jackie Chan and said nothing to Tai Chen Lan.

Second, during Liu Jialiangs serious illness, the Buddhist believer was relieved by the abbot of the temple. She decided to help the abbot raise money in order to repay her kindness. However, in the process of raising money, she found that the female Abbot had corrupt public funds and her private life was chaotic, so she turned her face. Not only did they hold a conference to kick off the dark curtain of the temple, but they also went to the streets to crack down on fake monks.

On Weng Jingjings body, there is a kind of boundless atmosphere of rivers and lakes, chivalrous and fighting power max. Mafia-born mother and martial arts master Liu Jialiang had a deep influence on her.

But the deeper undertone, I think, comes from herself. We often say, who who catches a good card rotten in the hands, or who who turns a bad card into a good card.

And Weng Jingjing, shes the dealer herself. You say shes angry?

She never cares about other peoples eyes, how she wants to live, you can not get used to her, but take her helpless. Rich marriage is not stable, but no one will worry about Weng Jingjing, who is a rich family herself.

What she got was a big heroine script, which told you what a tough life is without explanation.