Star Aid App Flow Counterfeiting: Cai Xukun is just the first bird to be killed

 Star Aid App Flow Counterfeiting: Cai Xukun is just the first bird to be killed

On June 10, the Ministry of Public Security launched the Net 2019 special operation, in 2018 Cai Xukuns new song video 100 million forwarding volume of the behind-the-scenes black hand - Star Aid APP was investigated. The software is madly profitable and should absorb more than 8 million yuan of money in half a year according to the demand of the flow of fans.

As soon as the news came out, all the major media were announcing the news headlines cue to Cai Xukun, which made some ikun feel very aggrieved. Indeed, Cai Xukun is not the only star who falsifies data in Star Aid APP, but in similar gambling games, is it not the fans themselves who bury Aidou alive?

The 100 million forwards made by fans to Cai Xukun led to the Star Aid being handed over. It was only the killing of chickens and monkeys to rectify traffic falsification. It was a small opening just torn open for the dehydration of false traffic. The campaign of encirclement and suppression of Internet traffic and the rescue of deformed fansculture have just begun. Standing on the hidden forces of the crowd around this incident, dont sell at a bargain.

In tacitly licensed traffic fraud, more than Star Aid APP has been cured

Star Aid is widely used in the fan circle. Fans can bind multiple microblog trumpets under their own microblog accounts by using App as a member of Sina Weibo. The number of bindings varies from more than a dozen to several thousand. After binding, you can enjoy the functions of batch forwarding, check-in and maintenance number, which can double the data in a short time.

After the launch of Star Aid App, many fans began to lament:

Im going to lose my job. Ive lost thousands of trumpets.

Star Aid Returns My Sweet Money!

Thats it. Im going back to the days of manual blogging.

Obviously, the collapse of a brush volume software is not enough to wake up fans. Fans of crazy brushing support their spirit with the slogan A certain girl will never admit defeat. What they really care about is not love beans, but the victory or defeat in this game. As one fan described, We are also under great psychological and economic pressure, but only when the task is completed can we top the list. If you dont fight, you lose.

In order to meet the needs of fans, such as browsing, responding to help, anti-black, listing and so on, there are not a few kinds of brushing software. An old fan in the circle played with PingWest products to introduce his once used responding APP: Star Class, responding treasure, Afar Dog, Magic Rice, Aidou and so on.

Among them, Alpha Dog software can not be found in the application store. Designated download page calls itself Virtual Mall Trading Platform. It can support many social platforms, such as Mei Pai, Xiao Hongshu, Mango TV, second beat, tremble, microblog, todays headlines and QQ views.

Alpha Dog Download Page Screenshot

Taking Weibo as an example, Alpha Dog not only marked the price of its fans, but also classified and categorized them to meet the needs of different fans and different assistance activities. Not only that, new user registration also needs to be verified by old users. This kind of grey transaction invisibly makes fans secretly form promotion and become a continuous cash-drawing supply chain.

Classification and Pricing of Alpha Dog Powder

Similar to grey trading are software like magic rice producer pro, which provides fund-raising services and breeds fertile ground for some fans to mandatory management of fansfund-raising. Under the lewd authority of fans, some fans have to participate in fund-raising activities to protect themselves from being kicked out of the organization, while platforms such as pro declare that the fund-raising should be independent of the platform, the legal consequences are borne by the sponsors and supporters themselves, and the order generation can not be cancelled.

In addition to clandestine competition, there is also a platform of open and aboveboard gambling

After the satellite aid was checked, some people rebelled on Weibo. From the point of view that micro-blog actively reports cases and collects evidence with police monitoring, micro-blog is not a grievance, let alone a breath of straightening ones back, Pei Xun is right in a hurry.

Hot search topic list ranking, IP valuation list, click-through rate, fan volume, search volume and fashion index platform create lists, which control all kinds of public opinion, control the valuation of the capital market, false data has made a perfect new emperors dress.

According to the incomplete statistics of Star Capital, there are about 77 star lists that need to be listed on major Internet social platforms. Short video software has StAR-specific sections, QQ fans sign in regularly, micro-blog has virtual flowers, map software will also use the fans effect to take you to do the task of chasing stars. Entertainment circles in the Internet ecological atmosphere as a whole is very abnormal, while cracking down on the secret exchange of data, while various platforms on the bright side of unhealthy gambling.

The boom of the idol industry has caused a large influx of capital. It is not the works that really make the company behind the stars make money quickly, but the commercial advertisements brought by the flow of works. So the brokerage company and fansorganizations jointly, together with the platform to make rudder, similar to the phenomenon of Star Aid brushing flow, in fact become a default rule in the industry. Everyone is tacitly aware of the source of 100 million traffic, but they cover up each other and chase madly driven by interests.

When fans were still crying out for their idols to achieve their dreams, they had been cut a handful of leek, but also ruthlessly. Just like Wang Chen-yi, who was in the top circle of popularity but was forced to withdraw from the competition automatically in Creation Camp a while ago, the most frequently mentioned sentence of fans and passersby netizens after the event was Dont vegetarians deserve to have dreams? In the world of false traffic, there is no dream. Take money to buy a dream, and lose from the beginning.

The fall of Star Aid is the first battle of traffic black, but it is not enough to excite people. Behind this gap are the problems of the entire entertainment industry and the Internet platform industry. In addition to the long step-by-step encirclement and suppression by law enforcement agencies, the platform should also be cold and warm. And in this black labor may play the role of fans, can continue to love madly, but dont be insane, after all, with money to buy a dream, not only lost from the beginning, but also buried love beans.

Source: PingWest Play Responsible Editor: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541