Cook went to the White House to discuss job training and promised to support lifelong learning

 Cook went to the White House to discuss job training and promised to support lifelong learning

Image: Apple CEO Tim Cook

Netease Technology News June 14, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, went to the White House on Thursday for a consultancy meeting to discuss the Trump Administrations efforts to develop job training programs to meet the changing needs of American employers.

The meeting was launched by the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, which includes many business leaders. Earlier this year, Wilbur Ross, the US commerce secretary, and the daughter of President Donald Trump, both asked Ivanka Trump about the plan.

Ivanka said Thursday: The private sector is really speeding up, and weve got their promises. Cook is here today. He is the backbone of the Advisory Committee and is committed to supporting lifelong learning. Apple did not respond to requests for comment on Thursday.

Ivanka also said she recently met with Marc Benioff, chief executive of, in Indiana, where she promised to train 1 million American employees over the next five years. Salesforce initially said it would train 500,000 people through the online learning platform Trailhead, but Benioff doubled the number of promises.

Large US technology companies have long complained that they do not have enough skilled people to recruit.

Sundar Pichai, Googles chief executive, was also in Washington this week. On Wednesday, he participated in a joint event on Capitol Hill organized by the American Chamber of Commerce and the Congressional Digital Trade Core Group, entitled Digital Trade: Enhancing the Export Capability of Small Businesses in the United States.

According to people familiar with the situation, Pichai expressed his support for the US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement and discussed the importance of digital trade.

President Trump has been one of the most outspoken critics of big technology companies. In an interview with CNBC on June 10, he said that the monopoly of large technology companies is a big problem and that the United States should follow the example of the European Union in suing these technology companies.

In an interview with Bloomberg in August 2018, Trump said that because Google, Facebook and other technology companies promote freedom rather than conservatism, there may be an anti-monopoly situation.

The companies have claimed that some conservatives have been kicked out of their platforms because they violate the rules against hate speech and harassment.

The U.S. Department of Justices antitrust department and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently reached an agreement to regulate possible anti-competitive actions by technology giants such as Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook, respectively. Among them, Apple is under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice.

Makan Delrahim, head of antitrust affairs at the U.S. Department of Justice, called these companies digital gatekeepers this week. (Small)

Source: Responsible Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541