Looking Forward-The 51st Warring States Period in the History of Beijing and Shanghai

 Looking Forward-The 51st Warring States Period in the History of Beijing and Shanghai

In the 12 rounds ahead, Guoan ranked first with 11 wins, 1 losses and 33 points. Guoan has won five home games this season. During the League break, Guoan has eight international players in the national team, Yu Dabao, Wang Gang, Zhang Xizhe, Li Lei, Li Ke, Zhang Yuning, Chi Zhongguo and Wang Ming. In addition, Bakambu returned to the Democratic Republic of Congo to prepare for the African Cup. Zhang Yuning reported to the national team with an injury. He will not play tomorrow night. Guoan has made great progress along the way, and the league tournament has been rekindled. First of all, the Royal Forest Army must overcome the FIFA virus.

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In the 12 rounds ahead, Shenhua ranked 14th with 9 points, 2 wins, 3 draws, 7 loses. Shenhua nearly 8 rounds 3 flat 5 negative, nearly 5 away 2 flat 3 negative. Shenhua shares the same score with Cathaysia, which ranks the bottom two in the downgraded area, leading only two net winners, but Shenhua is still at a disadvantage in terms of the winning-losing relationship. In this round, Cong Zheng suspended four yellow cards. As the Americas Cup and the African Cup are about to start, Romero and Ihalo will report back to Paraguay and Nigeria and will miss the next few rounds of the league. In addition, Zhou Junchen, Jiang Shenglong and Wang Wei were not accompanied by the team because of injuries.

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Beijing Zhonghe Guoan: 14-Zou Dehai; 4-Li Lei, 2-Jin Minao, 19-Yu Dabao, 27-Wang Gang; 5-Augusto, 6-Chi Zhongguo, 23-Li Ke; 10-Zhang Shizhe, 21-Biera; 20-Prince Ming (U23)

Shanghai Greenbelt Shenhua: 12-Chen Zhao (U23); 23-Bai Jiajun, 5-Zhu Chenjie (U23), 6-Lipeng, 32-Aidi; 28-Cao Yiding, 37-Sun Shilin, 26-Qianjie, 13-Gualin; 10-Moreno, 15-Zhu Jianrong