Studying abroad in Canada depends on having a good father. No!

 Studying abroad in Canada depends on having a good father. No!

Willian came to Canada for high school last September.

Previously, he did not enter the ideal high school in China, and was very frustrated. Of course, the failure of the high school entrance examination is not an accident, Willians junior high school performance was the bottom, the lowest time the examination results were the penultimate.

When I was in junior high school, I finally lived home. My parents were still so busy that I often left Willian alone in the empty house.

Nevertheless, Willian was deeply touched by his failure to pass the high school entrance exam.

He decided to study hard to prove himself and finally jumped to number one in an exam.

In China, failing to enter a key high school means that there is little hope of getting into a key university, let alone a famous one.

I heard that some of my classmates went abroad to study. Willian and his father also raised the idea of studying abroad. His father agreed to send him to Canada for high school.

Willian was under a lot of pressure when he first went to school in Canada. Because English is not good, many of the courses the teacher talks about are not comprehensible, and the teacher requires after-class reading of English textbooks, good English students only need 20 minutes to read the content, he will spend several hours to understand.

Therefore, it is common to do homework till midnight every day.

To his surprise, in one science class, the assignment given to him by the teacher was to design a car. Yes, it was a real car. To investigate what cars are needed in the current market, and then design and manufacture them.

Canadian teaching emphasizes practice and has no standard answers.

Moreover, there is no college entrance examination. Every assignment and examination counts credits. In the future, when applying for university, it will depend on the usual comprehensive results. Therefore, every test should not be sloppy.

The car design assignment was completed, and the exams followed.

Later, the school counselor talked with him about career planning, and told him that the college major he was going to apply for did not involve physics. After this semester, he no longer has to take physics.

In Canadian high schools, there are no fixed classes, and there are fixed classrooms for each course.

Its kind of like a university. When students begin school, they choose the courses they want to take next semester. The tutor will consult the students about the major they want to study in the University in the future, and then advise them what courses to take.

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Author: Wu Xiuyun, an inexperienced media person, did not study English with his mother. Accompanied by 6-year-old children in Canada after reading, record what they saw and heard.