Speaking doesnt mean talking: women who communicate like this really lose points!

 Speaking doesnt mean talking: women who communicate like this really lose points!

I dont know what Im going to do, can I bear it? It seems that I cant bear it anymore. I cant be indifferent. This happened three or four times, and I finally got over it. What should we do in the end when communication is ineffective?

Love to reply:

Generally speaking, the problem of ineffective communication can be divided into two situations: the first is between two people whose patterns are totally unequal; the second is that communication is effective, but the parties misunderstand communication. This story is the second typical one.

If we only read stories, we will feel that the hostess is very wronged. But, as I often say, chat records are the place to see the truth. Lets take a look at the chat record, which is completely contrary to the story description itself.

In the story description part, the woman said that the boy did not coax her, but in the chat record, the boy said, Dont be angry, Because you are cute, which are typical coaxing.

Moreover, at the beginning of the chat, you sent a lot of messages to your boyfriend. He didnt reply to you. Later, he said that you were still working overtime. Here, you dont see the truth: you want him to return your information and chat with you in seconds, but hes still working overtime, maybe too busy to eat.

This is also a side that most girls cant see in their feelings.

If a boy always comes back to you in seconds and you are always looking for him, what does that mean? It shows that this man may be very idle and not motivated.

In the fifth chat screenshot, you say your boyfriend is silly B. I want to tell you that this is not communication, it is verbal violence. Such attacks usually do not get the response you want. When communication is ineffective, we should reflect on our own communication methods.

The last screenshot, a few lines short, appeared three times silly B, which is no longer a simple accusation, which is like a couple in communication, even ordinary friends are not.

Therefore, it is suggested that the hostess carefully understand what communication is and how to communicate with others. If not, at least be polite, not swearing, not verbal attack.

When our communication fails to achieve the goal we want, it is usually because of the problem of communication methods. Only by solving the problem in a way can we solve the fundamental problem.