What subjects can only be filmed in Japan? Perhaps abnormal aesthetics! | Dads Life

 What subjects can only be filmed in Japan? Perhaps abnormal aesthetics! | Dads Life

Unlike JKs assistant communication, most of the young women in Daddy Life are female college students. They and their uncles collude and date each other on the website. Whether they have money or physical relationship depends on their willingness.

The woman is a 20-year-old female college student. After her parents divorced, her father remarried. She did not enjoy her fathers love very much. Recently, her mother made a new boyfriend and swept her out of the house.

The days in the Internet Cafe were so bad that she was eager to have a comfortable bed to sleep in.

Who knows, its either a bald beer belly or a greasy and trivial man who asked her out. At the moment when she broke the jar and planned to make the final appointment, no matter what, a handsome uncle with refinement and elegance came.

Its just pie in the sky! Uncle Shuai didnt ask for her physically. He gave her the key and left. She had a place to settle down at last.

On the second day after she had a good sleep, the new teacher who came to take the place of her class was the uncle of yesterday. Just when the audience thought they were bound to have a teacher-student relationship with each other, the uncle was looking for a replacement for his daughter who died 10 years ago instead of a little lover.

What a pervert! Mock Dad and Daughter Game?

Ten years ago, the death of her daughter made the couple feel like a cold wall. Husbands eyes are always covered with sadness that cant be melted. He has been unable to get out of the psychological trauma, his wifes mental state is not good, and even continues to receive psychological treatment.

It turned out to be a masquerade couple playing with each other. In this case, the open relationship between the four banks can be maintained.

Unfortunately, the mistress is not in the heart of taste, involved in this huge whirlpool of sadness, no good for her, she began to attach to uncle, more want to help uncle go forward.

Just when we thought that uncles psychological barrier was cured, we could go back to his wife and continue to live happily, uncle actually threw down the hostess!

Well? One hundred question marks?

Next, the plot begins to strip cocoons. Lets sort out the relationship between the main characters and understand why Uncle is in love with his fake daughter.

In college, uncle and his friends, and the girl who later became his wife, were good friends. At first, her best friend and the girl were a couple, but later she married her uncle, and the three remained friends.

The wife gave birth to her daughter, and the family was happy.

Around the time of daughterskindergarten, we all found that the little girl was not like Uncle more and more, so the wife was only entangled with these two good friends, not uncles flesh and blood, that is, friends choke!

If we open a little brain hole here, it will be substituted into the plot of Lolita and Lolita, which will cultivate a little girl from an early age to what she wants, and then harvest the fruits when she grows up.

The reason is that her daughter didnt wear her seat belt. Think it over and fear it!

The wife who plays with the two uncles for half her life will not give up. The husband keeps the woman as a pet. They really talk about love. How can she let go and bless?

She retaliated by jumping to death in front of a woman who was about to elope with her husband to France.

She always thought she was cute, she was in college, she made boyfriends, and she had a group of girls, and she lived a fairly full life.

Are you pitying yourself? Having entangled a woman for half her life, she finally belongs to herself after she dies.

Or pity his daughter? Live 10 years old and kill your mother.

Or cry for his good friend? The three-man team finally found a less perverted balance, and all three were free.

Let the audience imagine all this for themselves.

What about Japan? A cultural atmosphere that pays so much attention to feeling, ambiguity and vagueness, a place that regards material sorrow as the highest aesthetics, and is keen to find the film and television environment of human nature and delicate feelings in various taboo love, I think abnormal beauty is best filmed in Japan.

Man is not a machine. Man has a lot of emotions that he cant explain. There is a dark side in human nature, but there is also a very selfish side that walks around the moral edge but can roundly justify itself. Of course, there is also a bright positive energy side. Man is a complex polyhedron.

When we were young, our thinking was black is white. After all, labeling, categorization and generalization make children understand the world simply and quickly.

When we grow up, we gradually find that the world has a gray zone. Only when we realize the vague area, can we better understand the complexity of human nature and the world. Darkness, abnormality and cruelty are also part of the world.

I recently wrote films and TV works by Shinzo Noguchi.

His point of view of reality observation is very precise, and the abnormal darkness he shows, even with some cruel beauty, can be remembered and thought after reading.u2014u2014

Somewhere in the world, there are people who live like this.

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