Wang Jinsong: Are actors praised for reciting lines? How shameless!

 Wang Jinsong: Are actors praised for reciting lines? How shameless!

Wang Jinsong said that sometimes in a day, he would see several plays are the first, Everyone is the first, who is the first? I really dont know.

On the afternoon of the 13th, the 25th Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Masters Class was held as scheduled. Actor Wang Jinsong shared his views on the profession of actors.

Wang Jinsong first mentioned that when he was on the set, he would meet some young actors to ask how to prepare the play. He said that he would not answer the question directly, but would ask the other party back. He usually met a question that he could not understand. Do you ask people directly, or do you read books or search for information on the Internet? Sometimes I ask, have you recited all the lines?

However, it is shocking that the next day after hearing these words, young actors will be particularly proud to meet people and say, I recite lines very well, I have recited all of them, a paragraph has not been forgotten.

He adds that performance is unexplainable, so actors should not only care about lines, but also subtexts, such as every button on your clothes, your eyes, the props in your hands, and even whether the inner feelings between your performances are filled with this gap.

Therefore, in Wang Jinsongs eyes, although each department of the theatre team is assisting the performances of the actors, but the actors themselves must take it seriously. You cant shirk it if you encounter problems. Make-up is the job of the makeup group, clothes? Thats under the management of the clothing department. They prepared all the props, but I didnt prepare them.

At the forum, Wang Jinsong also mentioned some of his recent confusion.

He introduced that the circle of friends saw a lot of people say that their number of plays has broken, so-and-so TV series nationwide first, but strange is that the same day I will see several plays are first, everyone is the first, who is the first, I really dont know.

Wang Jinsong strongly advised young actors that their work would end on the day of killing young people. Please stop doing such ineffective work. You are an actor, not a manager. You should put all your experience into the next play. If not, you should fill your life with many good things.

Source: Editor-in-Charge of Observer Network: Yu Youjun _NBJS8144