The producer of Like You and Me talks about how the comprehensive producer was made

 The producer of Like You and Me talks about how the comprehensive producer was made

A: The major of university is culture and art management. Some courses, such as film and television appreciation, music and dance appreciation, art introduction, culture and law, are of practical use to the current work. During the University period, I was deeply impressed by a high-frequency word from beginning to end. This concept is the commonness of any media work, and is also an early way of thinking.

Q: How to grow from a newcomer to a director-in-chief and producer?

A: Every producers growth path is different. Some are from director or editor, others are from scriptwriter or plotter. After graduating from the University in 2009, I entered the light media. First, I began to write the program of Music Storm List and Entertainment Ceremony. I also focused on the various links of the program and evening recording. At that time, I often saw Beijing at 3 or 4 a.m. Then I joined the Oriental Fashion Media Group in 11 years, and took charge of the overall program and script of Tiansheng ace. Then he participated in the planning and production of programs such as Very Quiet Distance, Asian Idol Festival, Beautiful Beauty, Super Sir, Queens Secret and other award-giving activities. In these two houses, I have actually completed the understanding of the overall operation of the program, from the earliest content planning and production, to business marketing, promotion and operation, and so on. In 2016, he joined IQI as a producer of comprehensive TV programs, producer of different programs, business leader, publicity leader, etc. When you understand the full chain operation mode of the program, you will pay more attention to creative thinking and expression. The comprehensive network program gives me more flexibility and space in this respect.

A: Like You and Me, because it is a social emotional observation program, it needs to capture delicate emotions, as well as the output of a large number of marriage, family and social topics. This part has something to do with the experience of interviewing reality shows before, and is relatively the type of program I am good at. In addition, watching programs in pursuit of drama is a very big feature of this program. How to do well in the two dimensions of plot suspense and user viscosity cultivation? In fact, other representative works of the company (China has hip-hop, Idol Practitioners) actually have relatively successful methodologies, which is very helpful to our fun of life series of projects. Beginning with this project, we are thinking about how to make new breakthroughs and expressions in the observation category, including the concept of letters presented in the program, catfish effect settings (rule design and the addition of male five, etc.).

A: I really care about two aspects. The first one is the mode of work. What is the way of team configuration and division of labor and cooperation? Video content is the product of team cooperation after all. Only under the established mode, with the right people and working methods, can we effectively promote a project by allin. Otherwise, we may waste a lot of energy on poor communication or cooperation. And cost; the second is to give you enough flexibility to create content, encourage you to think and plan together during the project, the meeting can be noisy can blush, once started, need to twist into a rope, step by step together to complete vigorously.

Q: What are the sources of inspiration for work?

A: The premise of inspiration is to be knowledgeable. Watching a lot of movies and TV works is just the need of my work and my interest. Besides, I habitually read books and various self-Media content every day. Anyone who feels more profound and perceptive will record it. My mobile phone memo has thousands of notes. These contents will become your own things after thinking and integrating, which is a more timely and effective way to work.

Q: What impressed me most during the recording of Me and I Like You?

A: One of the most coincidental things about Like You and Me is that every time we record it, its Monday. I remember that the last recording is May 6. When we see the big ending, the director and the second guest studio in the studio are crying. I think its a very happy thing to do a program that can make everyone put so much emotion into it and bring so much thinking. Sentimentality is a tremendous treasure for content creators. In the process of making this program, I actually hope that this program is the Youth Social Observation Program of New Weekly. What you can see is the different viewpoints and possibilities of love, inclusiveness, healing feeling, even if you just remember some pictures, someone who makes you feel the same, a certain BGM. Moreover, we can give you a spoiler. Our last stage actually prepared a surprise for the studio guests. Before that, the star observers were watching the love of the vegetarian. This time, the honored guests also came to the scene Tucao guests, which is a very interesting thing. And when I saw these vegetarian guests at the Youth Killing Banquet that evening, I was very touched. On the one hand, they were accompanied for so long. On the other hand, when the Youth Killing Day was just broadcasted four episodes, some vegetarian guestspopularity was soaring, and some were suffering from cyber violence, especially Yang Qianqian. I told them that the most precious thing is the experience of each other. No ones feelings should be defined and controlled. The current public opinion is not so important. I believe that this program is a very special thing in their life experience. It has a lot of scrutiny of themselves, feelings and things around them.

A: I remember going on a campus tour with Jingjie (Li Jing) before. I found that most of the questions we are concerned about are: how about my future, whether to be loyal to my heart to do the media industry that I like, or to do the job of Baoyan Kaobo or promising to help me introduce at home. I think first of all, if you cant even master your independent life, or not recommend to do the media industry. Independent thinking is the first step to enter the industry; in addition, the industry needs great love, otherwise you may not be able to survive. Hes not the kind of person you would expect to see every day as a star or Andy in Queen in Prada. You may be like upgrade, more quiet efforts behind the scenes, especially in the first contact, can only start from the basic internship director or basic position, your life, entertainment, emotions need to be invested in this job to a large extent, input-output ratio is not too high, can not bring you regular life, or even for a long time, feel some. Darkness (though it may be the darkness before dawn). Only by truly loving this industry can we persist.

Q: Will this kind of emotional program be preferred in the future, or will there be any new attempts?

A: No limits! Although there were many types of programs before, such as reality shows, entertainment topics in the shed, lifestyle, fashion lifestyle, cultural talk shows and so on, I was very interested in only the attitude, warm and interesting media content.

Q: Whats the most significant change from traditional media to web synthesizer?

A: Although it has gone through the golden age of traditional television to the prevailing stage of network synthesis, it is essentially the production content. As a content creator, in fact, there is no shortcut to make a program. Only by investing enough time, energy and methods, can we polish a good program. The biggest change I have made in the production of integrated network is from program thinking to project thinking. Before making programs, the most important thing to think about is the core elements of the program, the content itself, the screenwriters guests, the light dance, etc. Business and publicity are relatively considered as supplementary means. Now, first of all, we need to do a back action. Standing at the height of the project, we can see what the spiritual panorama of this comprehensive network program is and how to give TA a healthier and more vigorous vitality. What are the key problems to be solved in the project? How to express in line with the current young peoples perspective, and establish common values with the brand and generate fresh marketing interactive play? How to use the resources and products of the whole station to operate and promote this program? These dimensions of thinking and ways of exploring are that the producer must think at the beginning of the project, which is responsible for the content, as well as for the audience and the market. The impact of Internet production mode on content industry is very profound and even subversive, but I think most of the production companies need to improve their systematic understanding of the network synthesis industry in addition to several head content production companies. This year, the market environment is cold, in fact, a new round of industry rush, which can force production companies to better iterate and optimize, and think about it. Examine how to make innovative programs better. At the same time, in the field of online synthesis, the four magic weapons of content production and creation, business marketing, overall operation, publicity and promotion are of great significance to the producers and the programs and platforms. Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Jinshu_NBJ4322