Gao Xixis Way of Directing from Award-winning to Chairman of Magnolia Jury

 Gao Xixis Way of Directing from Award-winning to Chairman of Magnolia Jury

In 2005, Gao Xixi directed Happiness Like Flowers, starring Deng Chao and Sun Li. They are both military movies and love movies. They narrate trivial stories enthusiastically and warmly.

Gao Xixis works cover a wide range of subjects, ranging from the magnificent epic mega-production to the short ordinary life of his parents. Such a director with many works, at first, is a small artist.

Gao Xixi, who studied painting in elementary school, began to work as an artist in Jiangxi Film Studio after graduation from Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts. In current terms, that is the iron rice bowl as a civil servant. But after a long stay in the movie studio, he found that he wanted to be a storyteller rather than a beautifier. Who was the storyteller? Thats the director, of course.

So with the desire of telling stories and the passion of young people, Gao Xixi began to create his own works. In 1988, he filmed his first work, Deep in the White Clouds. Since then, he has been irremediable and has been on the way of directing. In 1990, Just as the Film Academy enrolled students, I went with my work. Gao Xixi has been admitted to Beijing Film Academy as a postgraduate student and has made great strides as a formal director.

Judge Gao Xixi

In June 2019, Gao Xixi was invited to chair the judges of the TV drama unit of the Magnolia Award. Magnolia Award refers to the Magnolia Award of Shanghai Television Festival. It was founded in 1986 and sponsored by the General Administration of Radio, Film and Television. It is also known as the Flying Sky Award and Golden Eagle Award of Chinese Television Drama. It has a very high weight in the hearts of TV people.

Gao Xixi is very honored to be the chairman of the judges of this Shanghai TV Festival, but he still has some pressure to choose the best works in your eyes fairly, fairly and openly, which conforms to the artistic reputation of the Magnolia Award. Although Gao Xixi recently focused on filming, he also took time to watch the shortlisted works carefully in order to live up to the expectations of the Organizing Committee of the TV Festival and the audience.

Its no exaggeration to say that Gao Xixi has a pair of wise eyes. The outstanding actors such as Ni Dahong, Jigu Yu and Wei in the current fire are his royal team. The new work Quan and Li, which is currently being filmed, cooperates with Jiang Wenli. But he does not exclude new people. As the producer of Luzhen Legend, he excavated Zhao Liying. At the same time, his works such as New Shanghai Beach and Sweet Sweet, have become the representative works of Huang Xiaoming, Deng Chao and Sun Li.

In addition to being truer in the actors, he treats his works with extraordinary seriousness. If you happen to see most of Gao Xixis works, you will find that his works have a common character, that is, truth. His films and TV works never hide from the facts, and always present the most authentic content to the audience.

He knows that making high-quality works has the right to speak, and only really good works can attract the attention of the audience.

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