American and Japanese Double Carriers Learning Experience in the South Navys Day Exercise

 American and Japanese Double Carriers Learning Experience in the South Navys Day Exercise

Scenes of the United States-Japan Joint Exercise

Shi Hong, executive editor of Shipborne Weapons, told Global Times that it was not the first time that Japanese quasi-carriers and American carriers held joint military exercises in the South China Sea. Judging from the division of roles of the Japan-US military alliance, the fixed-wing carrier aircraft on the US aircraft carrier is still the pillar in the South China Sea. Japanese ships mainly undertake anti-submarine and mine-clearing tasks. SH-60K anti-submarine helicopter and MCH-101 mine-clearing helicopter on the Out of the Cloud are mainly responsible for cleaning up the miscellaneous for the US military. The particularity of this weeks drill is that the Shu and Murakami from the Sea of Japan belong to the third generation of general destroyers, which are mainly based on anti-submarine warfare. On the one hand, they have expanded the scale of the drill and strengthened the cooperation. On the other hand, they have also conducted formation drills with the U.S. Army, and gained valuable experience in cooperative operations between escort ships and aircraft carriers. For the Cloud aircraft carrier, although the F-35B is not yet in place, but the carrier not only has to learn to use. From the public reports of the exercises, it is very urgent for Japan to use and own aircraft carriers. During the exercises, members of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force may board the U.S. aircraft carrier and learn from the experience of taking off and landing, dispatching and supporting the deck of the U.S. military carrier at close range. This military exercise can be regarded as Japans preparation in advance for the use of aircraft carriers.

Next, the possibility of joint drilling between Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and American Amphibious Attack Ship in the South China Sea is not excluded. At that time, Japan will gain first-hand experience in using F-35B in the South China Sea in advance, laying a good foundation for learning to use aircraft carriers as soon as possible.

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