I cant say goodbye!

 I cant say goodbye!

Netease Entertainment on June 14 reported the ending of My True Friends on June 13. Angellababy took a photo with the acting staff through microblog. He said goodbye to Cheng Zhenzhen, thanked for the day of filming together, and wished everyone to find their own love and home.

On the evening of June 13, Baby microblogged a photo of the cast in My True Friends and wrote: Its time to say goodbye to Cheng Zhenzhen. I remember that I was in the group at this time last year, and I miss the days when I sent leaflets to see the real estate and filmed with you. Thank you, Mr. Jia and Mr. Zhang for joining the family of true friends; thank you, Mr. Lengkor, Mr. Long Ge and Mr. Xu for forgiving Cheng Zhenzhen, who is stubborn and foolish together; thank you for loving all the little friends at home and the friends in every story; and thank everyone who worked together for this play both in front and behind the scenes. The house is only a tangible building, family together that is the real home. Also wish everyone can meet their own love and home!

In the photo, baby, Dunlan, Zhu Yilong and others are standing in front of the huge cake with knives, ready to share delicacies. Baby wears a long straight hair and a white dress, which is very pure and beautiful. Netizens also gathered around and left messages saying, Good-bye Cheng Zhenzhen, looking forward to the next better you! Weaver with love, there is love at home, the next stop to continue refueling!

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Yu Youjun _NBJS8144