Shunfeng, a sleeping pill swallowed by couriers after complaints: a review of employee assessment mechanism

 Shunfeng, a sleeping pill swallowed by couriers after complaints: a review of employee assessment mechanism

Wang Hao provided a 70-second recording, but he could only listen to Wang Haos voice and could not hear each others voice. After the call was connected, Wang Hao first told the other party that the express phone sent to an apartment in Changzhou was one digit short. Then he said that he could not inquire the single number now. A few seconds later, he suddenly raised his voice and said, How do you like it, or you will come back! But there were no abusive remarks during the recording.

Take sleeping pills for dignity and claim to have left the company

In a report written by Wang Hao on June 10, he said, In the face of work and dignity, I can not work, but dignity... Theres nothing to be nostalgic about if the dignity of employees is ignored. Wang Hao said that he sent a large express and borrowed money to buy a car. He had cherished the job. When he returned home to drink a few bottles of beer that day, he felt that it was unfair to suffer such wrongs and punishments. He felt like a courier at the bottom like us, who earned money with sweat, sometimes lost his work spirit when he met with a malicious complaint.

Video at the time of the incident showed that Wang Hao had 29 tablets in his hand, beside which was the packaging of alprazolam tablets. I really cant swallow this breath. Brothers, Im leaving first. I think human dignity is more important than money in life.

A friend of Wang Hao introduced that he rushed to Changzhou First Peoples Hospital after learning the news. At that time, Wang Hao had just been given first aid and was still in a coma. Wang Hao told the Beijing News that he had been discharged from hospital and had left the company.

Reporters of the Beijing News have repeatedly dialed the phone number of the complaining party, indicating that they were hung up after their arrival.

Shunfeng: Establish a special working group to examine the staff assessment mechanism

Shunfeng Jiangsu Public Affairs Department responded to the reporter of Beijing News. He said that as a service enterprise, Shunfeng attaches great importance to communication with every customer and constantly optimizes service experience by obtaining customer feedback. The company was shocked and distressed by the incident. A special working group was set up to conduct an immediate investigation. At the same time, the existing staff assessment mechanism was re-examined and rethought from the perspective of management.

Source: Qian Juanxiao_NBJ10675, responsible editor of Beijing News