118 minutes leveling assists 120 minutes whistle killing! Rooney is still the God of war

 118 minutes leveling assists 120 minutes whistle killing! Rooney is still the God of war

The Open Cup is a one-game system. In the regular 90-minute period, the two teams drew 0-0. In the 113th minute of overtime, Philadelphia United broke the deadlock away from home. Alvarenga sent out a direct pass and Fontana broke the door with a single knife after being offside. Philadelphia united the whole team to celebrate crazily, as long as they hold on for another seven minutes, they can win.

At the end of the game, Rooney stepped forward. In the 118th minute, Rooney delivered a precise corner pass. Rooneys right-hand pass was fast and accurate, the Philadelphia goalkeeper couldnt hit the ball, while Washington player McCann easily headed home from close range. On the edge of the cliff, the Washington United team was pulled back by Rooney.

Watching the game go into penalty shoot-out, Rooney ended the suspense in the 120th minute. Argentinas short-legged tiger Acosta, only 1.60 meters tall, tripped after breaking through the three-man box, and the referee immediately whistled for a penalty kick. As the teams top penalty kicker, Rooney stood in front of 12 yards relentlessly. Although the opposing goalkeeper guessed the right direction, Rooneys shooting power was very angular and the ball penetrated the bottom left corner of the goal. The second-reading whistle goal enabled the Washington United team to reverse 2-1 and Rooney personally gave his opponent a black three minutes.

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