Mining enterprises borrow reclamation and coal digging reporters to contact the government after the owner of mining enterprises please drink tea

 Mining enterprises borrow reclamation and coal digging reporters to contact the government after the owner of mining enterprises please drink tea

According to Voice of China: Recently, media reported that a company named Lize Mining Co., Ltd. in Yuanping City, Shanxi Province, continued to mine coal in the name of land reclamation after illegal mining was investigated by the Central Environmental Protection Supervision Group. Lize Mining was ordered to stop all operations in December 2018. Yuanping Natural Resources Bureau seized and sequestered some of its equipment. According to the requirements, Lize Mining should be in the phase of stopping work and rectifying at this stage. Why did we start digging coal?

Jia Wenzhu, Vice Mayor of Yuanping City, said at the beginning that the enterprise had absolutely no illegal coal mining this year. After the reporter showed evidence, it was also said that investigation will be launched. Illegal mining destroys mountain bodies. The problem is obvious. Cant we really control it?

Shanxi mining enterprises continue to mine coal in the name of land reclamation

According to the Beijing News, Lize Mining Co., Ltd. excavated the mountain body in the name of mining bauxite in Niuxiyao Village, Yuanping City, Shanxi Province. Without relevant land and environmental protection approval, Lize Mining Co., Ltd. has destroyed the structure of the mountain body.

Local residents have reported many times and the relevant regulatory authorities have also imposed penalties, but the excavation started and stopped. In December 2018, the Central Environmental Protection Supervision Group looked back transferred the case of mass reporting. Yuanping Municipal Government acknowledged that Lize Mining had damaged the environment and ordered it to resume governance in accordance with the schedule and time limit.

Local villagers told reporters in Beijing News that after Lize was investigated for destroying the local ecology, the land reclamation required by Lize was just a show-off.

The comparison of the mining area of Niu Shi Yao Village before and after being mined. (Source: New Beijing News)

Villager 1: On August 10 last year, I was standing here to take pictures. Lize is digging coal. Why do you dig coal in a bauxite mine? You havent done the land formalities yet. In the beginning, this is soil. Its cultivated land. After it digs these soil away, all it leaves is coal.

Villager 2: The original green mountains and rivers are now dry hilltops. There used to be water and land, but now nothing has been destroyed.

According to the information presented by Yuanping City, Lize Mining Co., Ltd. is a local comprehensive bauxite mining enterprise. Since 2013, the enterprise has been punished by the Forestry Bureau many times for mining, road repair and slag abandonment in woodland or suitable woodland without formalities for occupying woodland. In September 2016, the former Shanxi Provincial Land and Resources Department reviewed and approved the enterprises Land Reclamation Plan. The reclamation area totaled 118.26 hectares. So far, 30,000 trees have been planted and the reclamation area has reached 46.67 hectares. Local villagers said that before the inspection, enterprises would plant trees suddenly. Now there are only a few seedlings around the mine, and most of the plants planted are dry.

Villager 1: Before the big inspection, trees were planted on the slope, but not on the flat ground!

Villager 2: Planting a row on the edge of the flat land, planting a row on the slope, planting trees in the sand can not live, there is no water ah.

The environmental department has punished many times, and the person in charge of the mining enterprise is in the process of rectification, but it cant be perfect.

According to Pingshis written response to the media, on November 27, 2018, the former Pingshi Land and Resources Bureau ordered Lize Mining Company to stop all construction operations, seize and seal some construction machinery, and file a case to investigate the suspected problem of stolen mining of coal resources. Zhang Hongwei, head of the law enforcement and inspection team of Yuanping Natural Resources Bureau, said in an interview with the media that Lize Mining Company had been fined for mining with the permission of bauxite, and that they could not define the damage to mountain bodies.

People have a certificate of mining, and there is no outside mining. No land formalities? All mines do not go through the land formalities, according to the temporary land occupation and villagers compensation agreement. Open-pit mining is sure to destroy the mountain body. How deep is the mining? What is destruction? Why not destroy it? I dont have detailed criteria for this.

According to the investigation data of Yuanping Natural Resources Bureau, Lize Mining violated the regulations because the bauxite that the company applied for mining was under the coal seam. From 2014 to 2018, a total of 890,000 yuan worth of coal was confiscated and handed over to the finance. But today, local villagers say that they have not seen Lize mining bauxite, mining has always been coal, often a large number of trucks to transport coal.

The excavator in the mine is still working. (Source: New Beijing News)

Yuanping Environmental Protection Bureau said that since the Lize Mining Project began mining in 2014, they have punished bauxite for its lack of environmental assessment procedures and open-pit stacking of coal mines. Yuanping City Environmental Protection Bureau staff said that they only care about dust, enterprises to destroy the mountain to find the Bureau of Natural Resources.

Dont talk to me about destroying the mountain! The land reclamation project was approved by the Natural Resources Bureau. We investigated dust pollution. The Ministry of Land and Resources (now the Bureau of Natural Resources) has approved the project of land reclamation without environmental assessment.

On January 16, 2019, Yuanping City launched a special crackdown on illegal mining activities, including the regulation of disguised mining in various names. On May 24, 2019, a survey report issued by Yuanping Natural Resources Bureau showed that Lize Mining had been ordered to stop all construction operations in December 2018, and the enterprises were in the stage of shutdown and rectification.

Liu Sun-liang, head of Lize Mining, said that they had been rectifying, but the damaged area exceeded the original approval area, and they could not achieve perfection.

We have to eliminate risks, reclaim, can not be fixed where, because this mine is an integrated mine, there are many original problems, land departments also require enterprises to do tree planting, reclamation, consolidation platform ah, but there must be some deficiencies, you said that our enterprises can not be perfect.

When the reporter contacted the government, he received a phone call from the owner of the mining enterprise, Please have tea.

Yuanping is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Xinzhou City. Yesterday afternoon, Voice of China reporters contacted Xinzhou News Center and Jia Wenzhu, Vice Mayor of Yuanping City successively and received a reply that Yuanping Municipal Committee and Municipal Government attached great importance to this matter. They are convening relevant units and township leaders to meet for investigation and verification.

Subsequently, a man who claimed to be the head of Lize Mining called VOCs mobile phone.

Man: Would you like to come and sit in the zebra teahouse later?

Reporter: Who did you get my contact information through?

Man: Its a colleague of mine.

Reporter: Which colleague? I dont know your side?

Man: Im still driving. Call back later.

Why has Lize Mining recently been discovered to be still mining since it was ordered to stop work? In his written reply to reporters, Jia Wenzhu, Vice Mayor of Yuanping City, made no mention of the fact that this year the mining area continued to dig coal under the name of reclaiming land. Instead, he used a lot of space to explain the economic contradiction between the informant and Lize Mining, insisting that no coal digging occurred this year. But after reporters provided pictures and time points of mining in Lize Mining in May and June of this year, Vice Mayor Jia Wenzhu said that the matter would be investigated. Subsequently, no further questions were answered.

Violation of regulations for many years, also checked many times, and fined many times, why still can not control the illegal mining of Lize Mining? Voice of China will continue to pay attention.

Source: Voice of China Responsible Editor: Yang Yi_NBJ10647