Is there a mistake in the primary school textbook? Fuzhou 8-year-old boy raised questions and set off a circle of friends

 Is there a mistake in the primary school textbook? Fuzhou 8-year-old boy raised questions and set off a circle of friends

The question is: The Chinese textbook of the second volume of the second grade of primary school has an article Yi Shi Nine Days. The first paragraph just mentions that the water in the river has been steamed dry, and the next paragraph mentions that he crossed ninety-nine big rivers and came to the East China Sea. How did Yi get along?

Excerpts from the Text of Yi Shooting Nine Days

This question was sunned into the circle of friends by Mrs. He, her mother, and asked for an expert answer.

Unexpectedly, the circle of friends burst into a boil, and she soon received a pile of answers.

Screenshot of Ms. Hes Friendship Circle

Ms. He contacted the Peoples Education Publishing House, the publisher of primary school textbooks. The editor said that there were many places in the country that reflected the problem. He could not confirm the right or wrong, but would ask experts to judge that the textbooks might be revised more reasonably and rigorously in September next year.

When pupils ask questions, neither parents nor teachers can answer them correctly.

Ms. He said that recently, when her son was learning this text, he raised this question in class. The teacher said, Good question, but the answer was what, the teacher did not answer. When Xiaofeng came home, she asked her mother, and she couldnt answer it, so she asked for advice in the circle of friends.

At that time, many teachers and parents praised Xiao Feng. They said that many pupils had learned Yishou Nine Days, but few of them found the problems, and no one dared to ask why. But no one knows for sure what the answer is.

Screenshots of the Text of Yi Shi Nine Days

One group of parents carefully explained that this was an exaggerated way of writing. Myths should not be too logical, but rather strange. Others said that the riverbeds of big rivers were deep and wide. It was probably the riverbed that had been shattered. The text was short of the word bed. But Ms. He disagreed. She said that there was no such thing as wading the river bed and that the other side really said very few people shoot the sun, and fewer people cross 99 rivers at a time.

A media worker explained that rivers may exist because of the reversal of seawater. Rivers generally refer to small rivers, which are different from big rivers. Netizens seven gourd wa grandma also seriously said, I can only say Hou Yis home is not on the East China Sea, from his home to the East China Sea is very far away, need to cross ninety-nine rivers, because the earth is very large, even ten suns, but only the rivers in the East China Sea region dry, there are water in other places. For example, the climate in our northern and southern hemispheres is different.

A serious mother, Ms. Li, found Huainan Ziben Jingxun. She pointed out that the original text had not crossed 99 rivers. It should be added when the text was rewritten. She suggested Ms. He explain the original text to Xiaofeng.

There is also a group of parents who are very happy. They say, Isnt the dried river a river? This is naked discrimination! If a man has long legs, the river can wade! The sun can shoot down, what is crossing the river? He uses arches and arrows. The whole story is myth. Everything is possible!

Parents contact the publishing house and the textbooks are expected to be revised

Reporters asked several primary school teachers, they did not give a positive answer.

A primary school teacher in Fuzhou said that this Chinese textbook is a new edition of the textbook, Ichi Nine Days is newly added in recent years. It does have some contradictions with the context. It can only explain that the river is also called a river when it has no water. It means to walk through the place where there is water and grass. When there is no water, it has grown some grass, so it uses Ichi.

In order to encourage childrens questioning spirit and find a way to solve the problem, Ms. He has repeatedly called the Department of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education and the Peoples Education Publishing House in recent years. Mr. Lin, one of the textbook editors, said that this is a myth and a new edition of the textbook. This problem has been reflected in many parts of the country. At present, he is unable to confirm the right and wrong. To refer it to the compiling group, he asked more professional experts or writers to judge that next September, the text here may be revised, with a more understandable, reasonable and rigorous version.

But yesterday, reporters repeatedly dialed the Peoples Education Press, and no one answered.

He Jie, a faculty member of Fuzhou Institute of Education, said that this could be explained in three ways.u2014u2014

1. First of all, our country is rich in natural resources. The ninety-nine rivers may refer to the rivers on the land of Shenzhou, but only a part of them are steamed and dried.

2. The second explanation is: this is a fairy tale, when the author wants to describe the divine power, he will concentrate on and spare no effort to describe it. For example, he wants to describe how dry the sun is on the ground, and he will write the water in the river has been steamed dry; he wants to describe how magical he is, and he will write Yi crossed 99 mountains, crossed 99 rivers... Every description pays attention to highlighting the power. As a result, contradictions have arisen.

3. The third explanation is that myths and stories are handed down from mouth to mouth. People put their love of games into the story and said, He crossed 99 rivers to highlight his magic power. When handed down orally, it is better to use the standard and rigorousness of direct written records. Therefore, this problem has arisen.

He pointed out that this is an obvious contradiction. When reading, parents should guide their children to feel the miracle of myth, especially the wisdom of the ancient ancestors in the myth of Genesis. They should pay attention to this kind of magical wisdom, the wisdom of describing the life of the ancient times, and not be too entangled with the logical problems before and after the article.

Source: Responsible Editor of Taiwan Metropolitan Daily: Chengyu_NBJ11143