Hannongs three-step road map back to A is promising

 Hannongs three-step road map back to A is promising

On June 12, Hannon Mobile Energy Holding Group held a Thanksgiving Re-sailing - Privatization of Hannon Back to A thank-you meeting at its Beijing headquarters. Li Hejun, founder of Hannon Mobile Energy Holding Group and chairman of the board of directors of Hannon Mobile Energy Holding Group, also appeared at the thank-you meeting.

Li Hejun, dressed in a white shirt and simple casual trousers, is quite comfortable and free. The key words in his speech are entrepreneurship, innovation, growth in adversity and gratitude. Li Hejun expressed his gratitude and gratitude for the support of shareholders, governments at all levels, financial institutions, partners and the media in the past four years. In an interview with Shi Shusi, a special financial commentator on CCTV, he said that Hannong, which has completed its privatization, is now over. The next 30 years will be the best 30 years for Hannong.

At the same time, Hanneng officially announced the three-step road map for landing A shares, and expected to complete asset restructuring and introduce strategic investors within the year. The first group of Hannon independent shareholders received SPV shares at the event site.

It is worth mentioning that 2019 is also the 30th anniversary of the founding of Hannong. Speaking of future development at the time of the 30th anniversary, Li Hejun said, Hannons biggest challenge at present is to understand the cognitive problem, that is, how to let people know what thin film solar energy is. We talked about 30 years of Hedong and 30 years of Hexi. The next 30 years should be the best 30 years for Han Neng. I hope that when I reach the age of 80, I will feel as full of fighting spirit as I am 30 years old.

Talking about the Privatization Road: No Fall, No Experience

Hanneng has made many achievements in the fields of hydroelectricity and thin film solar energy for 8 years, which has attracted the attention of the industry. The story of these two eight years was mentioned on many occasions by Li Hejun. On the scene of the thank-you meeting, Li Hejun recalled his two eight yearsexperience and said, The return of Hannons privatization has also created a model of privatization that has never been before, and has become a milestone in the history of Hong Kongs securities industry. This marks a key step for Hanneng to return to A shares, which is a milestone. Today we hold this thank-you meeting, which shows that Han can turn a new page from here.

At this thank-you meeting, nearly 500 guests from all walks of life, including the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, local governments, dozens of financial institutions, investment institutions, trade associations, major media at home and abroad, partners and shareholder representatives, attended the event, and witnessed this momentous moment in the history of hannengs development. Hannon creatively proposed the privatization scheme, which was approved and issued by Hong Kong regulators. Hannong won an overwhelming vote at the shareholdersspecial meeting. The 230-day privatization work was successfully completed and Hannong Hui A was fully accelerated.

Speaking of the theme of Thanksgiving and sailing again, Li Hejun said frankly, The most wanted expression is Thanksgiving and gratitude. Li Hejun said, We are grateful to all shareholders, partners, customers, governments at all levels, the media and all sectors of society for their understanding, trust and support over the past few years. At the special meeting of shareholders on May 18, small and medium-sized shareholders voted overwhelmingly to adopt the stock exchange scheme, which is the best proof. At the same time, we should be grateful for the company and dedication of Hannons staff and family. Finally, we should thank our opponents and enemies, so that Hannon can struggle and grow tenaciously in adversity, and at the same time, let Hannon reflect on his own problems and shortcomings.

In addition, Li Hejun said, Without falling, there will be no experience. We have experienced it once. To set sail again means that Han Nengs starting point today is much higher than we thought before.

Mr. Lv Zhihua, Hong Kong shareholder, Mr. Wen Xiaolin, mainland shareholder and Mr. Li Xiaolin, Hannon employee shareholder, received SPV shares issued by Professor Zhang Qiusheng, Chairman of SPV Planning Independent Committee, Professor He Xiaofeng, Hannon Thin Film Power Generation Independent Director, and Mr. Wang Dan.

According to Hannengs privatization plan, all independent shareholders of Hanneng Film, which previously held Hanneng Film Power Generation Shares, will be converted into SPV shares in a one-to-one ratio. After the A-share listing is completed, the independent shareholders will hold the shares of A-share listed companies through SPV company, and realize the realization of the value of the shares.

On Scheme Innovation: Shareholders Make Rational Choices

From 520 in 2015 to June 12, 2019, a total of 1484 days, Han Neng experienced four years of tremendous hardship and grew up in adversity. Hanneng can grow up in adversity. The most important thing is to step on the general trend of the states vigorous support for the development of private enterprises and the return of high-tech enterprises to A. I hope that you will have confidence in Hannong and me and continue to support Hannong, especially Hannong Hui A. Hanneng will certainly prove that your choice is correct by action. We will repay your trust and support with better performance. Li Hejun said.

Talking about the psychological process during this period, Li Hejun said, The privatization of Hanneng is pioneering. Before that, everyone laughed at us and said it was impossible to privatize back into A shares. But what happened at 9 a.m. on June 11 proved that Han Neng had created a miracle. Over the past four years, we have been waiting, but more trying. Because things have to work out. There are both innovation and wisdom, especially in sorting out legal relations. We are suffering once in a hundred years, in exchange for growth once in a hundred years. From June 11 onwards, Hannengs suffering has come to an end.

As an enterprise in the spotlight, many practices of Hanneng are also questioned and questioned by the industry. In response, Li Hejun said, My personality does not like to show up. All explanations are due to suspicion and incomprehension. Thin film solar energy is a kind of energy subversion, which is essentially an energy revolution. At first everyone laughed at it. Many people think its science fiction, 50 years from now.

However, Li Hejun also emphasized, Its not a big deal that nobody laughs at. Laughter and incomprehension are essentially determined by the industry. It is because he does not understand and laugh that Han Neng is today. There are generally five stages in the development of enterprises, one is ridicule, two is suspicion, three is suspicious, four is believed, the last step is to join. I think Han Neng is now between being suspected and being trusted. Others do not believe in thin film solar energy, nor do they believe in Han Neng. On the contrary, Han Neng has few rivals in the thin film solar industry.

Yuan Yabin, president of Hannon Mobile Energy Holdings Group, said in his speech that dozens of financial investment institutions have been optimistic about Hannons plan to return to A. At present, the A-share listed cooperative advisory team has begun to enter the market. After restructuring and stock reform, it will attract some enterprises and powerful financial investment institutions with synergistic effect with Hannon business as strategic shareholders. After that, we will start the work of listing guidance and submitting listing declaration materials, which are expected to be completed within the year. We are considering both the Kechuang board and the motherboard.

On June 13, Kechuang board officially opened. Hannon Mobile Energy Holdings Group said that the state is vigorously supporting the development of private enterprises and real economy, and supporting high-quality enterprises to return to A-share listing. Hannons hard power in scientific and technological innovation, core technology research and development, and high-end equipment manufacturing is constantly improving, and it is time to return to A. Hanneng is full of confidence in A-share market and scientific innovation board, and hopes to strengthen independent innovation strength through efficient integration of market, technology and capital.

In recent years, through global technology integration and independent innovation, Hanneng thin film solar chip technology has four world records in photoelectric conversion efficiency and more than 10,000 patent applications. At the same time, its performance report shows that the company achieved three consecutive years of revenue and profit growth from 2016 to 2018.

As a matter of fact, pioneering schemes concern everyones interests. Is there any resistance in the formulation of schemes? To this point, Li Hejun said, At the beginning, Han can do the program, I do not know whether the program can pass. As a result, we all have confidence in Hannong. As an old saying goes, the eyes of the masses are bright. I believe that our shareholders have made rational choices, including overseas shareholders, and many funds have voted with their consent.

Opportunities for Development: Entrepreneurship, Scientific and Technological Innovation Winning the Future

It is undeniable that in the 1484 days, the Hanneng industry is also facing many challenges and doubts. In this process, the company also has valuable experience of deep reflection by the steering officer.

When asked by the media, How can private entrepreneurs have a future based on Hannengs experience and your insights over the years, Li Hejun said that entrepreneurship is needed. Chinese people are good entrepreneurs because we think every day. But the era of barbaric growth of enterprises has passed, and modern entrepreneurs still need to innovate, because the industry needs to innovate. Chinas innovation climate is very important, and entrepreneurship is very important in China.

On the other hand, the performance of Haneng thin films also supports the way back to A. Hannon Films annual report of 2018 published in March this year shows that both its income and net profit have achieved two-way growth. Revenue in 2018 amounted to HK$21.252 billion, an increase of about 246% over 2017; net profit in the period was HK$5.193 billion, an increase of about 20 times over the same period last year. The annual report shows that the rise is mainly due to the companys major technological breakthroughs, the strong support of national policies for film power generation, mobile energy, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy and new materials industries, and the sound development of industrial parks.

In recent years, through global technology integration and independent innovation, Hannong has mastered the worlds advanced CIGS and GaAs thin film solar energy technology, and has come out of a technological innovation mode of technology acquisition, digestion, absorption, integration and innovation. At present, Hannong has the global leading research and development, integration and delivery capabilities of thin film solar high-end equipment production line, filling the gap in this field in China.

The photoelectric conversion rate of the main route of Hannon thin film solar energy technology has broken and maintained six world records, and has accumulated more than 10,200 patent applications worldwide. In 2019, the number of planned patent applications reached 20,000, averaging 60 per day.

At present, thin, light and flexible thin film solar chips have been widely used in building materials, transportation, aerospace, national defense, military industry, civil consumption and other areas that can be deeply integrated. Hanneng thin film has been introduced solar power Hanwa, Hanwall, HanLu, HanPaper, HanBag, HanUmbrella and other innovative applications and solutions.

Then, what kind of top-level design and management concepts can bring in talented people and make continuous innovations? This is also the question of the live media.

Referring to this point, Li Hejun believes that the common mission of a company is very important. Hannon has faith. We believe that thin film solar energy can change the world. People should have a mission and a common goal. There are big goals on the big platform, and then we can attract good talents. We should all have a common cause. In talent management, the most important thing for Hanneng is to open up. We are open to talents all over the world.

The more insurmountable a mountain can be, the more likely it will eventually be to reach the top; if it crosses an insurmountable river, it will eventually reach the other shore. Li Hejun said, Han Neng people advocate a soldier in the sun, and solve a problem every day. Together, they are a great company. Similarly, if we all do something beneficial to our country every day, we can make a great motherland by adding it up.