Electric Vehicle Charging and Burning Houses Manufacturer: It cant be proved that our batteries are ours

 Electric Vehicle Charging and Burning Houses Manufacturer: It cant be proved that our batteries are ours

A crackling sound like a firecracker awakened Mr. Xiao, who was asleep. When he rushed to the living room, the flames had risen to the height of a man, and smoke was pouring in. Mr. Xiao quickly dialed the fire telephone for help and woke up all the residents in the building one by one. The fire was put out, but fortunately no one was injured. And Mr. Xiaos house was burnt to the ground by the fire.

Electric vehicle wreckage after fire

Mr. Xiao, who lives in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, reported to Pengfeng Quality Reporting Platform that the fire was triggered by an explosion of a rechargeable battery for an electric vehicle. This lithium battery was purchased by him at Taobaos Love Crazy Commerce store and was used for less than two months. Fire caused the basic burning of indoor furniture, appliances and decoration, resulting in a loss of more than 70,000 yuan.

Mr. Xiao said that after the accident, he had sought Taobao related shop customer service for communication, and according to the customer service requirements of the online shop, the battery residue was sent back to the manufacturer for identification. Who knows, but customer service said that after testing the battery residue sent back, it can not prove that their batteries.

Now that the batteries have been burned down, Mr. Xiao is in a dilemma of safeguarding his rights because he can no longer identify the type and manufacturer of the batteries with the naked eye.

Pengchao News Consulting Love Crazy Commerce online store learned that the shop is an online shop of Land Energy Technology Co., Ltd., selling only batteries of the brand.

An official surnamed Zhu of Land Energy Technology Co., Ltd. told Pengmei News on the afternoon of June 13 that Ailun Business is the companys online store. According to the batteries residue sent by Mr. Xiao, it is impossible to confirm the production and sale of the battery company, and the cause of the explosion and fire is unknown. For humanitarian reasons, he can refund the batteries purchased by Mr. Xiao.

The person in charge said that no similar incidents had occurred before, and a large extent of the accident was due to improper use of users, such as charging indoors, but now the battery has burned, the charger has burned out, and there is no proof of death.

Fire Caused by Explosion in Electric Vehicle Charging

Mr. Xiao had palpitations when he recalled the explosion that day. At 11:00 pm on May 27, Mr. Xiao had just fallen asleep for about an hour when suddenly there was an explosion in the living room. The voice sounded like firecrackers. It rang several times, because I had just fallen asleep, so I didnt sleep to death. I woke up immediately.

Mr. Xiao said that he rushed to the living room and found that the electric car charged near the window of the living room exploded. The sparks scattered from the explosion ignited some objects in the living room, and the flames leaped high. My hair was burnt. Mr. Xiao tried to use fire fighting facilities in the corridor to extinguish the fire but failed, so he called the police at the same time.

Mr. Xiao lives on 17 floors, four households on the first floor and 10 floors. It has not been many years since the new residential area was built, (downstairs) without charging piles, electric vehicles can only be pushed home to charge.

After the explosion, Mr. Xiao woke up the residents of the building layer by layer, considering the safety issues. Almost all the people have come down, just one family is missing. Mr. Xiao said that the fire department came to put out the fire. Fortunately, everyone was okay, but his house was damaged. According to his inventory after the fire, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions and other burned out, indoor wall decoration was damaged to varying degrees, was smoked black.

Accident certificate issued by fire department

Simple investigation certificate of fire accident issued by Shenhe District Fire Rescue Brigade shows that, after field investigation, the site of fire is located in the living room of the residence, where the electric vehicle is stopped and discharged, and the position of the electric vehicle is severely burned. There is a fixed power supply on the wall of the charging position of the electric vehicle, the power supply is completely burned, and there are obvious signs of fire on the surrounding wall. All the sofas and suitcases around the electric vehicle were burnt down, and the rest parts were reduced in turn. Other halls and rooms have traces of heat radiation and smoke.

The investigation confirmed that the cause of the fire was a fire caused by the malfunction of charging electric bicycle in the house rented by Mr. Xiao, and the direct property loss was 3,000 yuan.

Ive been borrowing to live in a friends house, but I cant live in a family. Mr. Xiao told Peng Mei News that the house was rented by his eldest brother. He had just bought it for more than a year. Last year, the decoration was completed. It cost about 70,000 yuan at the beginning of the decoration.

Lithium battery online shopping, less than two months of use

Mr. Xiao said that the lithium batteries that caused the explosion and then the fire were purchased from the Internet two months ago. At the beginning of last year, he spent more than 2600 yuan on buying an electric bicycle online, and spent a month riding idle at home. Recently, he wanted to reuse it. He found that the battery was out of power.

On April 2, this year, Mr. Xiao, who is preparing to buy batteries online, found a crazy business shop with better sales in Taobao according to its sales ranking. He said that when he bought it, he consulted with customer service in online stores and customized a lithium battery to be installed on old electric vehicles. I also sent them pictures of my batteries.

Later, Mr. Xiao spent 432 yuan to buy a custom lithium battery for 36V12A electric vehicle from Ailun Trading. After receiving the batteries, Mr. Xiao went to the roadside mobile repair electric vehicle master to connect the batteries according to the original circuit.

Since then, it has been used smoothly and charged once every three days. Unexpectedly, the battery had not been used for more than two months and exploded on the evening of May 27.

The order information provided by Mr. Xiao and the chat screenshots with the customer service of Ailun Business show that the store sells a lithium battery brand Land Energy, which can customize batteries of multiple brands of electric vehicles.

The customer service of this online store also claims to be the shop of Land Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Pengchao News found that the highest domestic sales of Ailun Commerce and Trade shop showed 373 monthly sales. In addition, the shop is Taobao Double Crown shop, which is relatively easy to find.

Peng Mei News found through Tian Eye Check that the companys registered capital is 500,000 yuan. The registered address is on the 4th floor of D Block of Weihuada Industrial Park, 65 Huaning West Road, Longhua New District, Shenzhen. The business scope is the development and sale of lithium batteries, lithium batteries, batteries and other technologies. It was once listed in the abnormal business directory because of the unrelated residence or business place registered.

Mr. Xiao said that when he received the batteries delivered by express delivery, there was only one carton package provided by the express delivery company to protect the batteries. The batteries themselves were not packed outside, and there were no instructions and certificates about the batteries in the box. Only one warranty card was burnt out.

In addition, Mr. Xiao received the battery and found that the new battery had one less safety device than the original battery of his electric vehicle. But when he told the customer service about this, the customer service said, rest assured that use, foot safe, if a voltage is not right, not used, size is a little smaller than you, filled with space can be tightened with cotton stopper can not shake.

Relevant manufacturer: After testing, the residue can not be determined to be the battery sold by the company.

After the fire, Mr. Xiao communicated with the customer service of Ailun Commerce and Trade many times. At that time, the customer service said that it was impossible to confirm their batteries only by burning a few photos of the battery residues, so it was necessary for Mr. Xiao to send the battery residues back to the factory for identification.

Mr. Xiao sent part of the burnt battery residue to the factory for identification according to the request of the other party. If you send the whole battery back, you have no evidence of it.

Screenshot of Mr. Xiaos Dialogue with Love Crazy Business Customer Service

But the result was unacceptable to him. A few days later, the customer service told Mr. Xiao that the factorys technical department could not confirm the batteries they produced after testing the batteriesresidues sent back. Subsequently, Mr. Xiaos customer service provided the recipient, Ms. Luo, who wanted to contact the factory directly, but the phone has been unable to connect.

On June 13, PengMei News consulted the customer service of Ailun Commerce and Trade store as a consumer. The other side said that the store is an online shop of Land Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and only sells batteries of the brand. Customer service also said that their batteries could be used on 99 percent of lithium-ion battery electric vehicles, using 18650 batteries.

The shop also displays the business license and tax registration certificate of the legal person of Land Energy Technology Co., Ltd. on the commodity details page, as well as photos of the companys front desk, automated production workshop and office corner. Customer service calls it factory in Dongguan.

Subsequently, a person in charge of Shenzhen Land Energy Technology Co., Ltd., surnamed Zhu, told Peng Mei News that according to the residue of burned batteries sent by Mr. Xiao, burnt ashes could not confirm that the batteries were produced and sold by his company.

The person in charge said that the batteries sold by the company had complete brand name packaging, as well as certificates and instructions, and the batteries were labeled with corresponding labels. The person in charge believed that the cause of the explosion and fire was unknown, whether it was the battery problem or the failure of charger and electric vehicle itself, which led to the explosion and fire. There was no relevant confirmation that the company could refund Mr. Xiaos purchased battery money for the sake of humanitarianism.

But Mr. Xiao believes that the fire department has identified the cause of the accident, charging the original charger of the electric vehicle, and now there is an accident, only hope that they can compensate for the cost of house decoration and burnt furniture.

Source: Yang Yi_NBJ10647, Responsible Editor of Peng Mei News