Boys are crazy to buy sneakers? Look at your shoe cabinet!

 Boys are crazy to buy sneakers? Look at your shoe cabinet!

Recently, Sister Bee exposed her amazing Sneakers collection in social media. The floor of a room was covered with more sneakers than many boys who love sneakers. Its not too exaggerated!

Why does a female star have so many sports shoes? The reason is very simple. Nowadays, sports shoes are no longer so dedicated to function. They gradually display their unique advantages. They are age-reducing and practical. They are also super comfortable and have a more design-oriented appearance. Moreover, they make their matching ability no less tiresome than high-heeled beautiful shoes.

This advantage allows it to quickly occupy a place in fashion wear. Given both comfort and beauty, why not wear it? Song Zuers recent trip to the United States also involved in sports shoes, a light-colored dress is very refreshing and lovely.

Song Zuer in Hogan

Guan Xiaotong is wearing the latest super-red Yeezy 700V2Geode to the airport, which is trendy and comfortable at the same time.

Guan Xiaotong in Yeezy 700

Naza recently traveled to Japan, wearing a very simple pair of puma shoes.

Nazarin PumaX The Kooples

So the question is, how many pairs of sneakers do we need to spend the summer in the face of so many different styles and types?

Daddys shoes are just a prelude

Its right to buy wave shoes and continue to choose ugly

When it comes to daddys shoes, we have to mention Balenciagas Triple S, which is so popular all over the world that almost every fashionable person in the world has one pair.

Elsa Hosk

In it, we can almost sum up the reasons why Daddys shoes are so popular.

Extended super-thick soles have rich layers, which makes them look less bulky, and the advantage of extra height makes small people completely stress-free.

Milky white sole has a sense of retro, color matching is also unique, each pair is easy to match.

Proper exaggeration brings great tension to it. Sports wind and leisure wind can be perfectly digested by it. Wearing sports shoes in the west is also very suitable.

Liu Wen

Although such a wide shoe shape can make you look more slender visually, the problem of its format and overweight is still a weakness. Twitter netizens are also empowered by the spirit of Tucao:

When a skinny man wears TripleS...

As more and more brands begin to design similar shoes, this has been improved to some extent, and lighter options have emerged. Martha Hunts daddy shoes are both retro and hyperbole online, but they are lighter, less burdensome to the feet and more comfortable in summer.

Martha Huntin Pinko

The Puma lines on Panyas upper body are full of lines, which have a good effect on the modification of leg shape. The most wonderful thing is that they have a lively feeling on the basis of retro.

Panya in Puma

The Yeezy familys latest work, Yeezy 700, has also launched a number of very suitable summer color matches this year, such as the layered white shoe tie Salt.

Inertia is a refreshing ice-blue with a small area of orange.

Although the sale is over, its still not too late to get ready for summer.


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Want to walk the world with a pair of shoes?

Know about fashionable sandals

When you have a well-prepared costume, you dont want shoes to compete again. A pair of crisp and simple board shoes is your best partner. Without the heavy feeling and complex structure of Daddys shoes, it is a lighter choice.

The most popular white sneakers have been hot all these years, which proves their versatility. Lisa appeared in full white shoes many times during her stay in Coachella.



Jennie chose Stan Smith, a classic super-popular model with a thick base and longer legs.


Pure white may be a bit monotonous, so Song Zuers clever homochrome matching may give you inspiration, the fruit green on the side of the shoe corresponds to the color of the upper garment, bright and witty.

Song Zuer

For a more textural workmanship, the French brand Veja can certainly satisfy you. Choose only natural materials, at the same time, the fine workmanship quality is too hard, all sewing is not glue bonding, absolutely make you worth your money.

The signature V on the side of the shoe is only half exposed, but it is more flexible in its casual elegance.

Of course, shoes dont have to be clean to look good. Golden Goose, with a deviating sword, is known for its dirty appearance. The iconic star print, with its oxidized sole and old upper, makes the sandals fully retro.

Off-white and Nikes 10 joint-name sneakers are still hot today, including the very classic AirForce 1. When the classic shoe style collides with the trend, it is enough to make the global shoe lover crazy.

In addition to the name of Off-White, you can also DIY yourself now. In Nike Kicks Lounge around the world, there will be occasional time-limited DIY activities, there will be a variety of graffiti templates waiting for you to create, there will be opportunities to punch in.

Golden Goose

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Is there a classic style called girliness?

Thats canvas shoes.

Some time ago, there was always such a saying: Which girl doesnt want to be Ouyang Nana? Besides her beauty and talent, her countless pairs of Converse canvas shoes are also one of the reasons why people admire her.

Ouyang Nana

It is not difficult to find that most of the clothes she shares on the Internet are canvas shoes.

Ouyang Nana

Classic canvas shoes seem to be synonymous with the sense of youth, and all the refreshing clothes are so compatible. Rich colors and low unit price make it possible for many people to buy different colors to build clothes.

Kaia Gerber is also a well-known Converse enthusiast. Of course, the effect of pulling the high out of the low needs a little talent. High bands may have higher requirements for leg lines, and low bands with complete ankle leaks will be better worn and more suitable for summer.

Kaia Gerber

The classic AlStar may have feet hardening or rubbing problems, so the Chuck Taylor 1970s series with cushion cushion is your best choice. Comfortable feet will eliminate the last worry, and its no problem to wear it to the road.

Converse is also a true co-name enthusiast, from Chiara Ferragni to JWAnderson, all kinds of co-names bring a lot of vitality to this classic brand.

Ya ya

Both Shenya and Song Qian have the same upper foot. This JWAnderson XConverse super-thick sole canvas shoe has very bright upper body effect.

Victoria Song

For similar formats, inspired designers can always bring interesting new ideas. Excelsior canvas shoes add their own characteristics on the basis of this type.

This kind of fine fold and embossing pattern is inspired by the tire. The elastic thick sole makes this shoe moderately soft, stable in structure and comfortable, especially the design of the inner buckle at the toe is very small.

Advertising ideas are also very interesting, Brown is Nutella bottom, light is Caramel biscuit bottom, retro and lovely.

Not only is the sole analogous to food, but the pull-up shoebox also looks like a cake box. The color corresponds to the color of the canvas. If this is not your dish, Vans, another canvas shoebox giant that is popular all over the world, will give you different feelings.

Logo logo logo logo with super many colors, matching colors, chessboard are popular classic choice.

In addition to the most common Old Skool and Sk8-Hi, as well as the shallow mouth of Authentic and Era, the shallower mouth brings a lighter wearing experience, rich color matching is very suitable for summer oh.

In fact, Vans with beautiful appearance also has a big disadvantage. The rubber sole is not only heavy, but also easy to open and deform. So for those of you who require a higher sense of foot, the light sole version of Lite will definitely make you happy.

Lightweight technology soles reduce foot burden, wear-resistant and well-managed, good-looking appearance and comfortable foot feel are indispensable.

In fact, Vans also likes to create a variety of joint names to jointly develop new shoes, and recently Vans and Harry Potter launched a joint model.

Ha fans and Vans fans can buy it.


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Although there are many beautiful sneakers, but it is not how large a collection of sneakers to harvest happiness. It is more important to choose the right shoes to wear and look beautiful. Get your favorite style and vitality in summer.