Tianhai Jedi Self-rescue: Trusteeship Group just leave it alone, Li Weifeng returned, digging Hengda 1 foreign aid

 Tianhai Jedi Self-rescue: Trusteeship Group just leave it alone, Li Weifeng returned, digging Hengda 1 foreign aid

After the departure of Cui Kangxi, the former head coach of China National Mens Football Training Team Shen Xiangfu landed in Tianhai and took office. With a series of passive players trading, Tianhai was soon named National Team 2. Under such a background, the work of the trusteeship team is foreseeable and arduous.

That is to say, the Tianhai team in Tianjin still belongs to the assets of Shuyuhui and Quanjian Group, so the clubs major and minor affairs still need to be signed by Ji Guang to take effect. Therefore, similar to the sudden addition of bonuses in previous seasons, in the actual work of the trusteeship group, it will not be 100% smooth. After all, the trusteeship group represents the trustee, while the club is in fact. The use of funds left behind by Quanjian Group is understandable to the outside world, even for the sake of avoiding suspicion.

Therefore, when the teams performance is at its lowest point, it is undoubtedly more efficient to let the former KMT team self-govern to complete self-redemption. Just like the return of Park Zhongjun, the former team arrived in Tianjin from the start of the commander-changing process to Park Zhongjun, which can be said to be extremely efficient operation, even efficient until Park Zhongjun arrived in Tianjin, the trusteeship team members only learned the news.

Subsequently, the management structure was redefined in the clubs internal meeting. The former trusteeship team members retired to the second line one after another. Nominally, the former team vice-president Li Weifeng will re-manage the work of the first team. The former management team will take office again, and the goal is relatively clear - to improve the efficiency of communication to decision-making, and to complete the salvation as far as possible.

This is followed by the second transfer window. At present, what needs to be solved urgently is the position of foreign aid center guard. Quan Jingyuan is about to return to China to join the army. In addition, the relaxation of the foreign aid policy of Zhongchao will make it possible for Tianhai, which is in urgent need of relegation, to collect a new aid as soon as possible to take over Quan Jingyuans work. At present, this candidate also has an initial goal, that is, Park Zhisu, Korean center guard of Guangzhou Evergrande University. However, whether the champion Guangzhou Evergrande can be released or not? Thats another question.

Regarding the future fate of the team, we still need to wait for a judgment of the relevant departments on Shu Yuhui and Quanjian Group. Before the judgment comes down, the majority shareholders of the team are also very difficult to change.