Champions League champions not destroyed by gunfire and prostitution drugs! Now, he renovates a stadium for the community.

 Champions League champions not destroyed by gunfire and prostitution drugs! Now, he renovates a stadium for the community.

Although Venaldum returned home with the Champions League trophy, when he was a child, he never thought he would one day play in the Champions League final. To be exact, his original wish was not even to become a professional player - gymnast was his dream.

So when the Champions League final came to him, the 28-year-old looked uncomfortable. When Liverpool entered the half-time with a goal advantage, the first-time winaldum only touched the ball 10 times in the first half. He was the least frequently touched player among 22 players on the court. After the second half, the performance of No. 5 was still not improved and was replaced by Milner in the 62nd minute.

Of course Im interested in football, but I dont have to breathe with it every day like other boys because I prefer gymnastics. Before the Champions League final, Venaldum admitted to the media, But as I get older and more football training every week, Im becoming more serious about football. I hope to be able to play a high level of football, but in the Champions League final? I dare not think about it. I just want to be a professional player as much as possible and then have the chance to play in the World Cup.

Wienerdum used to play here.

Wienerdum did not dare to hope for the Champions League finals when he was young, perhaps partly because of his childhood environment. As a descendant of Suriname, at the age of 5, Wienerdum was forced to live with his grandmother in the Skimmond District of Rotterdam because his parents were divorced. In a neighborhood considered the most unfriendly to children in the Netherlands, where unemployment, crime, drugs and sex trade were rampant, Wienerdum not only did not degenerate, but became a model for local children.

After the tragedy, Venerdum, who played for Eindhorn at that time, came together in the Dutch League that week and emotionally flashed out the T-shirt with the words Sabbath Anthony, Love from Skimmond to mourn his good friend.

Left is Vinardums brother Giliano

According to another good friend of Venerdum, Da Silva, who also lives in the Skimmond district, they even played in the basement to avoid crime in the street, but even in the basement, there was still danger. Sex workers, customers, pimps, condoms, needles are almost everywhere, sometimes even guns. u201d Da Silva said.

It is in this environment that Venaldum kicked out. Among them, his grandmother Francine undoubtedly played a crucial role. In order to enable his grandson to receive regular football training, Francine accompanied Venaldum to the training ground of Sparta youth camp in Rotterdam for 45 minutes each time.

As for grandmothers concern, Venaldum once said, In fact, she never thought that I would become a professional player. The reason why she wanted me to play football is that she was totally in safety consideration. Firstly, in her opinion, football is much safer than gymnastics; secondly, football can keep me away from the crazy things that happen on Skimmond Street every day.

The grace of grandmothers upbringing naturally made Venaldum grateful. As always, before enjoying his summer journey, Venerdum would return to his grandmothers home, which still lives in Skimmond, but this time, unlike his previous home, Venerdum carried a valuable Champions League medal.

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