Lindane: Im the only one left to think about the four heavenly kings. Its really glorious.

 Lindane: Im the only one left to think about the four heavenly kings. Its really glorious.

And all afternoon, Lindanes phone calls and Wechat did not stop. At 5 p.m., Lin Dan, who had just finished his training, saw his friend send a screenshot of Lindanes No one to accompany me with his last cell phone power.

Unexpectedly, carelessly also rubbed a heat. Lindane scoffed at the surging news.

Li Zongwei chose to say goodbye.

Li Zongwei burst into tears at the noon announcement on the 13th. Its not easy to say goodbye when its only a year away from the Tokyo Olympics. Sashadi, Minister of Youth Sports of Malaysia, who accompanied him to the conference, and Srinosa, President of Yue General, as well as the media on the spot, encouraged him with long-standing applause.

On hearing the news, Lindane was on his way to training. My friend told me that the conference was being broadcast live. Although not particularly sudden, but for so many years to serve the country, the day has come. Lin Dan lamented the surging news.

Li Zongwei, who was on the scene of the conference, was also asked if he had informed Lin Dan beforehand. Li Zongwei responded, I didnt know it, but now I know it, too. I think the whole world is watching it.

Sometimes, fate is more wonderful than fiction.

Im OK! Im sorry I dont have time to take you out to dinner this time. Li Zongwei looks in good shape, still wearing a trademark smile.

Thats all right. Will you go to Singapore again?

No! No. Next time we make an appointment, we will continue to refuel together.

To this day, it can be officially said that I am the only one left in our wave. Its glorious to think about it. Now that I am still on the field, I will continue to fight with determination.

For such a hero who never fails but never fails, choosing to let go may mean rebirth instead. Today, not only the whole horse is crying for him, but also the badminton fans all over the world are interested in him.