After Lei Jun took the helm of Xiaomi China, he set up a new Offline Business Committee

 After Lei Jun took the helm of Xiaomi China, he set up a new Offline Business Committee

2019 is bound to be a changeable year. This personnel adjustment is just the beginning. In the future, China will face greater changes.

36 krypton was exclusively informed that on June 12, millet China announced a new organizational restructuring and personnel appointment: millet set up the China Offline Business Committee, which was co-chaired by Zhang Jianhui, Vice President of China, and reported to Lei Jun. Yu Peng, Vice President, reported to Zhang Jianhui.

This can be seen as Lei Juns additional lessons and coding for millets offline business in China.

The China Off-line Business Committee is divided into eight departments: Off-line Sales and Operations Department, Millet House, Channel Management Department, Provincial Agent Business Department, Operator Strategy Department, Retail Market Department, Regional Management Department and Integrated Management Department, and the specific person in charge is identified.

Zhang Jianhui was originally in charge of off-line business in China, and besides Zhang Jianhui, Yu Peng was also entrusted with an important task. He has four departments, namely, off-line sales and operation department, channel management department, provincial agent business department and operator strategy department, which are involved in horizontal overall channel management and vertical operation, provincial agent and operation business.

Yu Peng had previously served as Vice President of Millet. According to people concerned, he was the early offline channel manager of Millet and the old man of Millet. He had previously reported to Wang Chuan, Vice President of the Group.

China has been experiencing changes since the end of 2017. In 2017, Lei Jun put forward the slogan of returning to the first place in China in ten quarters, and drew Wang Lingming, an executive from Zhejiang telephone world, who is good at offline sales. After joining Xiaomi, Wang Lingming served as general manager of sales and service department in China and quickly rose to the position of vice president. At the end of 2017, he officially took over the position of head of the Department from Lin Bin. Xiaomi Net was renamed Sales and Service Department, while Lin Bin was transferred to mobile phone department.

During his tenure, Wang Lingming made many changes. For the first time, millet sales system adopted the system of competing for posts and began the off-line counter-offensive. According to the Finance and Economics report, the main focus at that time was the regional management department, the former general manager of the millet family, Zhang Jianhui, known as Iron Lady, was transferred to the post of director. Millet unified the previously scattered channels in the province, using the provincial package system, Zhang Jianhui integrated management of all channels in the province, that is, all the provincial head of the superiors.

At the same time, Wang Lingming has also established a direct supply point and authorized store system for millet, mainly focusing on cities below the third and fourth lines. According to the annual report, the number of authorized millet stores has increased from 62 at the end of 17 years to 1378, and the number of direct supply points has opened 36256 in one year.

But in December 2018, Wang Lingming changed his position and was transferred to the vice president of the International Department to take charge of Africa business. This may be related to the lower sales volume in China. The Sales and Service Department has been reorganized into China. Wang Chuan, co-founder and senior vice president of the Group, is also president of China. Zhang Jianhui is vice president of China, responsible for offline sales business and reports to Wang Chuan.

On May 23, this year, according to Phoenix Science and Technology, Wang Lingming was sentenced to administrative detention for five days by public security organs for violating Article 44 of the Law of the Peoples Republic of China on Administrative Penalties for Public Security. Millet dismissed Wang Lingming.

On May 17, Lei Jun personally took charge of China and served as president. He was fully responsible for business development and team management in China. Wang Chuan became the president of the new big electrical appliances business department. He was responsible for air-conditioning, refrigerators and other white electricity business besides TV and reported to Lei Jun.

According to the internal staff, after taking over the helm position, Lei Jun convened a meeting of the management of various departments very soon. From this change in China, we can also see that Lei Jun has begun to take action to adjust personnel and sort out business in China. Some millet insiders also said to 36krypton that there was no big change in the specific business.

At this time, for millet China, action is urgent. Domestic smart phone market is still shrinking, millet, OPPO, Apples market share has declined. One of the key objectives of the Lei Army is to serve as the head of Chinas regional government and strengthen offline channels.

2019 is bound to be a changeable year. This personnel adjustment may only be the beginning, and the future of China may usher in greater changes.

Attached is the full text of the letter:

My fellow students from China

In order to promote the development of offline business in China, the following organizational adjustments and appointments have been made with the approval of the CEO and the decision of the management.

1. Establish China Off-line Business Committee and appoint Zhang Jianhui, Vice President of China, as Chairman of Off-line Business Committee, to report to the President of China; Yu Peng, Vice-Chairman of Off-line Business Committee, to report to Zhang Jianhui.

2. Under the Off-line Business Committee of China:

1. Off-line Sales and Operations Department: Yu Peng was appointed as the general manager of off-line Sales and Operations Department, and Wang Xin was appointed as the deputy general manager of off-line Sales and Operations Department, reporting to Yu Peng.

2. Millet House: Appoint Liu Linlin as general manager of Millet House, Yang Wuhan as deputy general manager of Millet House, report to Liu Linlin; Appoint Cheng Hao as deputy general manager of Millet House, report to Liu Linlin.

3. Channel Management Department: Yu Peng was appointed general manager of channel management department, Dong Yang was appointed Deputy General Manager of channel management department to report to Yu Peng, and Zhang Xiao was appointed Deputy General Manager of channel management department to report to Yu Peng.

4. Provincial Agent Business Department: Appointed households are welcome to be the general manager of Provincial Agent Business Department.

5. Operator Strategic Department: Appoint Xiang Fei as General Manager of Operator Strategic Department.

6. Retail Marketing Department: Appoint Zhang Ying as General Manager of Retail Marketing Department.

7. Regional Management Department: Appoint Zhang Jianhui as general manager of Regional Management Department.

8. Integrated Management Department: Appoint Zhang Jian as General Manager of Integrated Management Department.

3. Division of leadership of Off-Line Business Committee: Zhang Jianhui took the overall lead in the Sales and Operations Department, Channel Management Department, Provincial Agent Business Department and Operator Strategy Department of Peng Branch.

We inform you that this business will take effect immediately.

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