Thank you for writing a letter to apologize: feel extremely shameful and regretful

 Thank you for writing a letter to apologize: feel extremely shameful and regretful

Netease Entertainment reported on June 14 that after eight years of marriage, Ah Xiang and Grace, who had been married in Ho Kok, were shocked to eat their best friend Xie Xin, and their image of love for their family disappeared. Xie Xin also suffered a severe setback. Her performing work was completely stopped, and her intimate relationship with Grace, the main palace, triggered an external attack. Yesterday (12) Axiang apologized, emphasizing that he had not pinched his good friends and said he was sorry for his wife and children. Xie Xin later admitted that he was wrong: I am sorry to support my fellow countrymen, friends and family, but did not mention Grace, and was scolded by netizens. Earlier, Xie Xin apologized to Grace in a handwritten letter on social networking website. I am very sorry for you, and I feel extremely ashamed and regretful for my irrationality and impulse.

Thank Xin for apologizing:

First of all, I want to apologize solemnly to Axiangs wife Grace. I am very sorry for you. I feel extremely shame and regret for my reason and impulse.

You must be shocked, helpless and painful, which I left behind when I crossed the line of friendship.

I apologize for changing the tone of friendship; I am ashamed to let the feelings of my teachers and friends cross that line.

I really did something terrible, that moment when reason was lost.

I regret hurting my best partner in my work. I have to take great responsibility for the situation today.

Im sorry.

Xie Xin 2019.6.13

Betrayal of 8 years of marriage! Axiangdang Street kissed Xie Xins wife to help with gossip

According to Taiwanese media reports, the affair between Ah Xiang and Xie Xin of the Comedian Star Regiment Hao Kok Xiang has been going on for a long time. Although they were killed and denied, they were photographed kissing in the street this time. For many years, Axiang has been walking around the performing arts circle in the image of his wife, warm-hearted man and loving father. For example, he is proud of my wife, superb. Originally, two people knew that when Zhang Chunchuns studio sold fitness equipment, Axiang happened to be in charge of recruiting models to display goods in the rear during the shopping period.