Paris pays 12 million Euros a year for Derricht! Barcelona gave only six million

 Paris pays 12 million Euros a year for Derricht! Barcelona gave only six million

Barcelona and Ajax have long negotiated a transfer fee for Derricht, with the Dutchman worth around 75 million euros. Since Barcelona have not been able to reach an agreement with the players, Ajax is open to other offers and has also endorsed Pariss offer of 75 million euros. In this way, the players own will will will determine his future.

Derricht has repeatedly stated publicly that his most important thing is playing time. Radio Zero pointed out that Derricht believed that he was not irreplaceable in Barcelona and that he could get enough room for growth in Paris. In the right centre-back position, Barcelona has a strong old Pique. The Daily Sports Daily pointed out that Barcelonas offer for annual salary was also relatively low.

There are currently three big clubs in pursuit of Derricht, Barcelonas annual salary offer is the lowest, Barcelona only offered a price of 6 million euros. Juves offer is 10 million and Pariss 12 million. Barcelona has been refusing to raise its offer, so Derricht decided to choose Paris. In Paris, Derrichts annual income will be twice that of Barcelona.

Theres a big news about Barcelonas transfer today. Radio Sell pointed out that at the high-level internal meeting in Barcelona, Balvad finally gave in and accepted the proposal to sell Lakitic to the high-level. Balvad was originally Lakitics strongest and last defender, but now he has given up, which means that the Meibao owners will be officially pushed to the transfer market by Barcelona.

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