American media call Huawei the discontinuation of laptop computers Huawei: Its pure nonsense

 American media call Huawei the discontinuation of laptop computers Huawei: Its pure nonsense

Geng Zhiges investigation revealed that the claim that Huawei had suspended its PC business originally came from a report published on June 10 by a Taiwanese media company, DigiTimes. The media quoted the so-called upstream supply chain-related people as saying that Huawei has asked its laptop suppliers to suspend supply and has stopped all new laptop projects.

In a video that did not show Yu Chengdong, the CNBC reporter said in an interview earlier that Huawei had cancelled the release of its next Matebook laptop (the reporters original words were: Canceling the aunchofitsnewlaptopartosphere of the Matebookseries), and said that the cancellation was due to the U.S. Department of Commerces inclusion of Huawei as its entity name. The effect of single is the result.

Why is it important that CNBC reports fail to mention that Huawei suspends or cancels its personal computer (PC) business?

But on the Wall Street Journal reporters Twitter, Geng Zhige found that his claim that Huawei stopped making laptops came from the original Taiwanese media report and later CNBC reports. After all, the reporter clearly wrote on his own account: Huawei has stopped producing laptops... The news was first reported by the Electronic Times and later confirmed by CNBC reporters.

Therefore, in the face of our Global Times interview and yesterdays interview with Tencent news, the real insiders from HUAWEI would only say HUAWEI suspends PC business or cancels PC product line.

In addition, Huawei insiders told our reporters that the new notebook product released next month will still carry Windows. This statement also directly broke the rumor that Microsoft terminated its cooperation with Huawei. China Merchants Securities Industry analyst Fang Jing also told our reporters that this shows that the new computer system is still based on the ARM architecture supporting Windows. It also shows that the impact of some US technological blockades on Huawei is far less serious than media hype.

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