The woman driver was chased and quickened to leave and call her boyfriend: Whats the situation?

 The woman driver was chased and quickened to leave and call her boyfriend: Whats the situation?

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The woman driver was chased but quickened and rang up her boyfriend (Source:)

What would you do if your car was rear-ended?

On June 12, the topic of

Whats the matter?

From this video released by Zhengzhou Traffic Patrol Police Corps II, we can see that, originally, it was just a common rear-end accident on the elevation.

The recorder of the rear car recorded the moment of rear-end collision. Oh! Its quite serious. The rear of the front car has been badly deformed.

The rear car slowed down and prepared to handle the rear-end chase. Who knows that the front car was unconscious, moving forward all the way without stopping...

Thats it. So lets go... Gone...

Do you think the chasing driver is so calm?

The picture is given to the drivers driving recorder!

The woman driver sounded panic-stricken.

Female driver: I just dont know whats going on... I dont know what the situation is, even just a downhill, I am not fast, walking, walking is quite normal, and then walking, Ouch! Lets go! Whats the situation?

Boyfriend:...??? What does hoo mean?

Female Driver:... I dont have many cars, and Im not fast, just 30 to 40 miles. Its a downhill. Walking along, it makes a noise.

Boyfriend:... Never mind. It used to be a pit or something.

Female driver: That shouldnt be. Why are there pits on the elevation? I dont know whats going on. I hit it with a bang. Its nothing. But I hit myself in the car and I was shocked. I thought about whats going on.

So, my boyfriend began to analyze the possibility of Ouch.

Boyfriend:... Did you hit the wall? It is estimated that there is a joint between the elevation and the elevation, and then it will chuck out. Its all right!

Female drivers are still in shock: its frightening! Im scared!

Boyfriend:... Its all right. Take your time.

Finally, the calm female driver suddenly reacted and gave the traffic police a surprise:

I seem to have run a red light... I dont know if I will be photographed... I cant see the traffic light sign clearly...

As a result, it was discovered by traffic policemen.

As soon as the video comes out, the comment instantly breaks through 100,000 +.

Netizens said: We dont know if there are pits on the elevation, but you can definitely see that there is a big pit on the bottom of the car after you get off.

Others began to calmly analyze that the woman driver was driving too slowly, leading to a rear-end chase.

All of them were hit with a choke, and the driver could go on with his heart.

Traffic policemans warning: In case of traffic accident, remember to park and protect the scene!

Source: Jiangsu News Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284