Global Times editorial: American politicians who incite Hong Kong are too much like the Title Party

 Global Times editorial: American politicians who incite Hong Kong are too much like the Title Party

After Wednesdays protests in Hong Kong turned into riots, some leading Western leaders, as well as radical lawmakers and politicians, spoke out. Some of them use relatively mild language to pull off the balance, express the hope that the problem can be solved, and call on the government to restrain and so on. But there are also voices that are very brutal and extreme, and some members of Congress in the United States are prominent representatives of such voices.

On the eve of Wednesdays riots, Pelosi, the US Speaker of Parliament, repeatedly met with Hong Kongs opposition. On the eve of Wednesdays riots, she also issued a statement in support of Hong Kongs brave demonstrators, condemning the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance with the word horrible, declaring that it demonstrates Beijings unbridled violation of the law and would legalize kidnapping anyone China does not like. In addition, 12 cross-party members of the Senate subsequently issued a joint statement, which also used very intense language.

Which government or mainstream political forces would encourage riots on their own territory? Every country has its own daily problems, which may lead to temporary communication barriers, but solving problems through the rule of law is the least costly form of social governance and progress. The serious riots in London in 2011 were condemned by British politicians and many people were arrested. Pariss yellow vest movement has seriously plagued France, and the French government and police have stressed the need for peaceful protests.

Wednesday in Golden Bell, Hong Kong, the demonstrators used violence, attacked the police with horses, bricks, etc. and shocked the Legislative Council. In any Western country, could they tolerate such acts? In the speeches of all Western politicians, we did not see a single criticism of the use of violence against the demonstrators. Instead, American lawmakers advocated that the demonstrators who had attacked the police showed courage and claimed that they were moved. If it happened in their country, would they say so?

This is no longer standing and talking without backache, but naked incitement. Members of Parliament in the United States have shown us the gloomy psychology of the countrys political elites, who rejoice in the loss of control of violent political movements on the streets, which have completely disrupted and destabilized Hong Kong.

We estimate that there are probably two kinds of American MPs. One is that they do not understand the details of Hong Kongs revision of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance, and there is no risk in denouncing China as politically correct in the United States today. Another person is likely to know that the amendment clearly stipulates that only fugitives who have committed felonies under both Mainland and Hong Kong laws can be surrendered (extradited) and that such surrender can be carried out only with the consent of the Hong Kong courts and the Chief Executive. But they deliberately pretend to be confused by labeling, playing tricks and inciting from outside.

Some extreme politicians in the United States are very much like the brutal Title Party around China. Ignorance, selfishness and malice are mixed together, but they lack morality and conscience. By virtue of their power of public opinion and plausible falsification, they can distort and falsify many of the public. Ordinary headline parties can mess up a corner of the public opinion, while American lawmakers are doing much more wicked things.

Pelosi, as the senior speaker of the United States and politicians with wide influence in the United States, has made such a shallow voice on Hong Kong affairs, which is a further insight into the poor quality of American politics. The unreasonable young people in Hong Kong threw bricks at the police, while Pelosi threw bricks at Chinas national reputation. They should at least make the problem clearer and more reasonable, and shoot arrows at China with beautiful action.

Please note that when Pelosi throws bricks at China, they tear down the rational path to help America grow stronger.

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