Its not money that gives adults the courage to marry later.

 Its not money that gives adults the courage to marry later.

Can we be good relatives if we dislike each other?

In the movie Shameless Family, father Frank often nags:

With them, my living standard has been lowered a lot.

But it is always the first time to solve problems when they arise.

Children, the most despised is their father.

But when hes drunk, he puts hot meals in the living room.

What is family love?

But everyone is trying to make each other stronger.

All misunderstandings and misunderstandings have been cleared away, and all hardships have been resisted.

The healing and touching from personal feelings are like the stars scattered on the ground in the night.

Someone Zhang Luo helped introduce, and someone was trying to persuade you not to be too critical.

My father, who had always spoken less harshly, suddenly opened his mouth and said:

Good food is never afraid of being late.

It never occurred to me that two people who have always disagreed and disagreed with each other will have the same day to lift their wine glasses together.

I used to think he didnt know how to love or what to care about.

When he grew up, he realized that he had been loving in all the ways he knew.

He never took a minute to stop understanding and caring about you.

It is often said that a daughter married far away is a lost child of her parents.

Dad comforted her: Now the traffic is so developed, what are you afraid of?

Later, I found that when I really formed my own family, I really had less and less time to go home.

When you leave home, the trunk of your car is always full.

Next time you come back, dont bring anything with you. I dont want anything with your dad. Just come back.

But they still want to understand that you cant accompany them to do filial piety.

Because their only wish is to make their children happy.

Where did Dad go?

This is a question that children often ask their mothers.

For many years as a soldier, children can only see their father in photos and videos.

You lie, its not Dad.

On weekdays, he never easily shed tears, or did not stop crying out.

The wife comforted him: Dont be sad, the child is still young and will gradually become familiar with it.

Much more is understanding and comfort, not blame and complaint.

They shouldered the responsibility of the state in different positions, but they were absent from their families.

If one day a child can wear a military uniform, you can understand that Dad never loves you less than Mom.

She still chose to give up the chance to go to Britain for training.

Later, unconsciously, she saw her husband holding the child and asking her:

Its not uncommon to meet the right people in this life. Its rare to meet the person who knows you well.

He will accompany you to make choices, choices that will make you happy if you can get rid of all difficulties.

The husband suffered from uremia and the burden of the whole family fell on his wife.

Husband wanted to give up treatment countless times, not to involve her.

But she resolutely chose to make a matching, and gave him one of her kidneys.

I said, What if you get it?

He hugged me and said, Thats no cure. Its not easy for you to make money alone.

The best form of love is:

I will make countless choices in my life, but every choice can not be without you.

Dad stubbornly felt that the performers would have no future.

He didnt expect to understand, and seldom talked to him afterwards.

He was just distressed by the way his daughter worked too hard on the show.

When I became a father, I became less and less like myself.

Take this arithmetic problem and sit at the table and pick your fingers.

Children are indeed the best teachers in their parentslives.

In the process of growing up with him, I seem to have been learning to be the best father.

The indestructible man in my memory never shed tears.

You two must understand each other and take care of each other.

It will never be you again, the only mountain.

My mother often lies to me.

Mothers leg was injured by accident.

When videoing with my daughter, I pretended I was okay and had to take two steps.

Unassured, she took the earliest flight home.

When I entered the door, I found my mother with thick plaster on her legs and a pair of crutches beside her.

But this time, I really want to spoil her back to that little child who knows how cold she is and who cries out for pain.

I was told that it was outside the ward that I heard the first cry of the child.

The deepest part of the impression was that my mother was lying in bed, smiling and comforting herself.

Dont worry, Dads still here.

And the only thing in common with these fragments is the hidden love and affection.

It was in these feelings and love that I learned a little bit about what happiness is.

When you want to retreat, someone is behind you to take that brave step.

Happiness is in this world, someone is accompanying you attentively.

And you are never alone.

Like fathers and children, wives and husbands in the special video of the 14th anniversary of the Peoples livelihood credit card.