Dont neglect those who have you in your heart!

 Dont neglect those who have you in your heart!

Who is next to you?

Pamper you in your heart.

Dont ask for reward to pay for you,

Its only good for you.

Then you must cherish it.

This particular one is for you only.

They cant be bought with money.

Its not something you owe.

Not afraid of you.

But from the heart,

Dont turn a blind eye to this feeling.

Dont treat a heart as rubbish.

You know,

It takes a long time to warm a heart.

Cool a heart, just for an instant.

In my life,

Tens of millions of people met,


No matter how busy you are, you should reply to other peoples information.

No matter how tired you are, dont lose your temper with others.

If it is not cherished, it will not be remembered.

Peoples hearts and minds are mutually reinforcing.

Dont take this for granted.

Once you turn around, its forever.

Once hurt, its life!

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