The time of love is the soft author: banyan

 The time of love is the soft author: banyan

I know youre here for me.

You know, the most beautiful scenery, in my heart.

In the summer, the pomegranate blossoms blossom with a hint of fragrance to meet the breeze. The mind is clear, happy, peaceful, whispering with summer.

This waiting is worth it after all.

Love is still too attractive, I live in the world, can not resist.

If I can not resist the love of dawn, the longing for moonlight.

Happiness is so simple: the people I care about are also concerned about me.

Youd better go around and go through mountains and rivers.

And I also know that I am your most unique landscape.

Missing you, on the way.


Sunshine is warm and lazy, which is suitable for a tranquil and leisurely mood to imagine.

Passing through green willows, shallow grass, pear blossoms, snow and apricot curtain.

Time with love is soft.

Along the way, how rich you are with your love.

Today, I write you down carefully again.

Flowers blossom or fall.

The sun is warm and you are still there.

Just in their own world amorous feelings.


Once the door of time is opened, it is difficult to close it again.

If you pass my body, you will never forget it again.

In the wind from south to north, there will always be a faint fragrance if there are still none. I love breathing deeply in the morning light. I want to tell you that I miss your joy. In the distance, green hills are like dai. In front of us, the grass is flourishing. Only one of you is needed to walk across the bridge.

You know, in my heart, you are my bunch of sunshine, and 24 hours do not fall, let me live with you without night and dusk, only dawn and day. As if time is not old, our love is not lost.

What other love cant be said?

Whether its a street or a corner of the street, I will look forward to a long time, love and treasure every day.

From the distance of time and space, I know we have too much helplessness, but what is it?

The time of love is always kind.

Talents with love are rich.

Thank you for the warmth of the photocathodes that accompany you.

Walk with the wind, stay with love forever, be with you!


I like to think of you quietly by myself.

I dont want to be disturbed by anyone or anything when I miss you.

So I love to choose the quiet night to miss you!

I can hear my inner voice completely, the wind is soft as water, flowing in the green grass tips.

Think you are also a rare beauty!

That would be like a gentle morning with a gentle breeze and rain, holding hands and slowing down.

If you look at the sky and the clouds, you need to concentrate. Only by focusing can we make some beautiful impressions on our mind.

Some thoughts are as mellow and soft as rain and dew.

Some people, like the dawn, make people full of fresh hope.

The footsteps of life are always heavy, only to think lightly and chic.

How many things in this life are not idle matters, only the heart value, things are important.

No one can imagine the emptiness and loneliness of the world.

My heart is like a pool.

From then on, when the reflection of blue sky, white clouds, grass and green trees disappears in the dark, I can go to your soul to find.


I dont know if it rains there?

Fuqu is coming in a veil of rain, and the rose is dancing in the wind with its pink double buds. I am looking for Orioles in the smoky willows, and those ancient poetic summer days seem to be returning one by one.

I know, you love to be a mountain guest, Shi Shangbin: two sleeves of white yarn cage Sophora wind, a path of green grass lining hibiscus.

Let me hold a book and read you again.

Its your love, pear blossom heart.