That fate, that eternal first love author: glazed silhouette

 That fate, that eternal first love author: glazed silhouette

Time flies, time flies. When Ruoxi and Zixuan reunited, it was 24 Spring and Autumn. For the long river of life, it is not long or short, but it is enough to make life from youth to dusk, half a life of longing, half a life of concern, half a life of scattered, half a life of fate.

Ruoxi and Zixuan are family friends. As a result, the children of the two families also deserve no guess, green plum and bamboo horse.

Life is like running water, so in the dull and colorful life, slowly passing. Ruoxi and Zixuan also entered the campus from dental learning, and they happened to be in a class.

Maybe, there are some fates. Since childhood, Ruoxi and Zixuan go to school together every day and come home from school together. They are laughing, screaming, happy and happy. At that time, the two little children did not understand love, but because they grew happily together every day, all the time became so beautiful.

However, the world is changing, there are always some turn around, too late to cherish, have to say goodbye.

Walk through elementary school and into middle school. Life is still calm and simple. Maybe its the end of the road. Five years later, when Ruoxi was in the third year of junior high school, he met a boy who seemed to have known each other. That eye, that look, that figure, has an unspeakable familiarity. Is it Zixuan? Shes really not sure, because when she left, he wasnt so tall or so thin.

Within a few days, Ruoxi received a card. The greeting card is light blue as a whole, with several white clouds floating in the blue sky, and Ruoxis favorite small bridge family, Qingqiang Daiwa. There are not many words on the card. Its Zixuans handwriting: Ziyue Junli, do you know? Signature, Qin Zixuan.

Wake up the dreamer with a word! ____________ The moment I opened the card gently, Ruoxis eyes were wet. Originally, she did not read it wrong. It was really him, the son Xuan who grew up with her. At this time, Ruoxi had already gone to the third grade of junior high school, and Zixuan had left the first grade because of his transfer. Five years have changed so much that she has not dared to recognize him at a glance. When she left, he was so small, a little white horse...

For two people who are already familiar with each other, it is really a good thing that they can meet again after a hundred turns and a thousand turns, and pick up the old friendship.

In the morning and evening, winter and summer, if the stream goes up to grade one, Zixuan also rises to grade three. Two people still write to each other and cherish the reunion.

At the end of the third year of junior high school, Zixuan received another greeting card from Ruoxi, but was accidentally seen by the head teacher who had just passed by. During the last semester, communication between men and women is usually regarded as puppy love. School leaders or teachers are absolutely not allowed to have puppy love, especially in junior three. The head teacher must ask him to open the greeting card in front of him, hand it in and look at the contents of the card. How can a shy and embarrassed Zixuan show others what he regards as a treasure? He didnt want Ruoxi to have the reputation of puppy love on his back. He liked her so much...

The greeting card storm lasted for a long time. Zixuan didnt hand in the greeting card, and went home and Big Brother said he didnt want to go to school. For Zixuan, whose ten cows cant pull back, the elder brother cant let him go back to school, so he has to leave school and go home.

And Ruoxi did not know, Zixuan this side had such a big thing. Zixuan was afraid that if Ruoxi sent the letter to school again, he would wait for her at the West Lake Bridge where Ruoxi passed every day. Speak with her, write her poems and take her home.

Days, in their usher and delivery, happy and happy day after day. Although not too close, but has never been far away. If the river is used to Zixuans quiet and warm company, but do not know, Zixuan has always liked her so much. Until one day, Zixuan told her she was going to be a soldier. Ruoxi still didnt know how much she liked Zixuan. Maybe she doesnt know love, because of love, the time together will be so beautiful.

A re-picked up edge, once again passed by...


Time is in a hurry, time is in love. There are always some narrow paths to meet, the most unforgettable. There are always some fates, broken will continue. Believe that if fate arranges for you to leave, it will always arrange for you to meet again. Fortunately, across the vast sea of people, across thousands of rivers and mountains, those missing fates will always be picked up by us one by one, to piece together a legend of resounding ileum.

Four seasons change, a hundred turns and a thousand turns. After Ruoxi graduated, she applied for a job in a state-owned enterprise. Because she studied accounting, she chose to be a cashier and started her first job in life.

As for Zixuan, after he left home as a soldier, he gradually lost contact. At that time, traffic was inconvenient and communication was inconvenient. It was not that I did not want to contact, but that I could never contact again.

Ruoxi, after work, has been grinded away by time, adding a dignified and mature beauty. So, there are always boys who like her. Perhaps the love sinus has not opened, perhaps do not understand the amorous feelings, Ruoxi has been adhering to their nobility, ignoring those boys who show her good will.

Not knowing where to get the news, Zixuan still found Ruoxi and called the unit where Ruoxi was located. At that time, they had been separated for three years. Three years is enough for a person to become more mature and better.

It was a warm spring, ten miles of spring wind blown peach blossoms in the garden, but also blew a gentle call from Zixuan. When Ruoxi heard Zixuans phone call, he suddenly felt that he had thousands of words choking in his throat, and for a while he did not know where to start. Just a gentle hello sound, then listen to the voice over the microphone, which is more familiar with the voice, Finally found you, are you okay?

I am a soldier. In Nanjing, I will go back to see you when I have time. Zixuan could not hide his happiness.

Well, well, then Ill wait for you. Ruoxi is also very happy. ...

If a person misses a person, he will try his best to find her. Zixuan, across so many days and nights, still found Ruoxi. Finally, they met again.

Occasionally, Ruoxi wanted to call Zixuan, but because Zixuan was inconvenient in the army, he never called.

When chatting, Ruoxi once talked to Zixuan about that there are many rainflowers and stones in Nanjing, which are very beautiful. A few days later, I received a large package of colorful rainflower stones. Thats from Zixuan. This rain flower stone is not only beautiful, but also more thoughts of Zixuan.

Happy time always passes quickly, and unconsciously a few more spring and autumn. Excellent Ruoxi is unwilling to find a better job than the original one. Zixuans telephone cant be recorded, so Ruoxi didnt want it either. A resumption of fate, so again stranded. The two men lost contact again. Since then, Zixuans letters have either sunk into the sea or been returned, and no more words have been received from Ruoxi.


Among them, Ruoxi once met Zixuans eldest brother and asked Zixuans news. At that time, Ruoxi was six months pregnant. Zixuan elder brother told Ruoxi that he had returned to work in the Civil Affairs Bureau after his transfer. Who knows, after a months shift, he could not return because of various reasons. He had to go to Shanghai again.

Im married. What else can Ruoxi say? Faced with Zixuan elder brother, Ruoxi never dared to ask Zixuan whether he was married or happy. Just a few short chats and hurried away. Those fronts, those who like, those who can not be called love love, let it go with the wind. I wish he would be happy forever.

Like so long, Zixuan never put down Ruoxi. Years later, he also went to his former work unit in Ruoxi. He had no one, his family and his comrades-in-arms. This was later told by Ruoxi when she met her former colleague.

Ziyue Junlu, you know? If the river remembers this sentence of the first reunion, there will always be a slight pain spread throughout the body and mind. The world is always unpredictable. The origin and the fate are like water. Perhaps there will be no chance to meet again. Only regret is in hand.


Intentional, unintentional, have become missed. Life has to go on, life is still plain as water. In this way, Ruoxi and Zixuan never met again. Until one day, when Ruoxi was working, she heard a man outside the window calling her name. Looking up, it was Zixuans second brother. Originally, the second brother also signed a contract in the community where Ruoxi lives, came to buy medicine, just saw Ruoxi on duty.

If the river looks at Zixuans second brother, it still cant help asking about Zixuans news. The elder brother didnt talk much. He told Ruoxi that he was fine and asked for her phone by the way.

Within a few days, when Ruoxi was at work, her colleagues said that someone called her. If the stream is stunned, it is busy, who will look for her?

If the river picked up the phone, just hello a voice, then heard the other side said a can also know your news, good.

Before Ruoxi spoke, the other side said, Know who I am?


Time is like water, some love really do not need to say. Ruoxi and Zixuan, with just a distance, complete the happiness of the two families. Occasionally, if the stream utters that sentence to Zixuan, Ziyue Junlu, you know? Still blushing. That carved memory is the beauty that can never be erased in this life. When she was a child, she was a green plum and he was a bamboo horse. There was no guess.

So, if the stream would send a message to Zixuan, Laoshan Peak, do not disappear, you come!

Zixuan then called and said, Yes, Ill accompany you. I owe you my previous life!

When Zixuan came, it was autumn. When he stepped on the beautiful autumn leaves and approached Ruoxi step by step, Ruoxis tears could not help staying. How many days and nights of waiting, how many tides of waiting, at this moment all turned into happy tears. Although I havent seen it for more than twenty years, I am still familiar and kind. She remained unchanged, and he was still smiling.

At this moment, standing in the cool wind, no need to greet, no need to say long time no see, just look at each other, is very warm. Zixuan knew that Ruoxi believed in Buddhism. Lets go to Zhanshan Temple to worship Buddha and make a wish first.

Stunned for a moment, he looked at Zixuan with a crooked head. I believe in Buddhism too!

This is really, the body of colorless phoenix flying wings, the heart is a little connected ah. After so many years, the two people still have a good heart, there is still no need to deliberately tacit understanding. This silent tacit understanding, who can say that no fate?

Zixuan told Ruoxi that from elementary school to junior high school to senior high school, he had been secretly in love with Ruoxi and liked it. Its also because Ruoxi...

If the stream is stunned, Because of me?

Maybe were done! Zixuan whispered that he was afraid that Ruoxi would be unhappy and that she would feel guilty if she knew the truth.

Zixuan gently wiped the tears off Ruoxis face and said softly, Im not coming, Im fine. And youre fine. Im relieved. After that, you are still my family.

I dont want to, I dont want to, I will feel guilty all my life! If the stream is hoarse and exhausted.

Youre not to blame. Its all over. Look, were all fine. Thats good. Lets go. Theres a better view ahead. Zixuan took Ruoxis hand and went up to Laoshan.

Down the hill, I met a tree full of red beans. Under the tree, there were red beans. If the stream gently picked up one, put it in Zixuans hand, did not speak. She knows that Zixuan understands, understands her yearning for these years, understands that she has missed his regret...

Coming back from Laoshan, Zixuan went directly to the airport, but Ruoxi was not retained. She knows that he has his responsibilities and she has her own happiness. Since this vicissitudes of fate is doomed to be a kind of regret, then bless him, across the horizon, bless him well.

Zixuan left, resolutely walking, if the stream does not blame him. Turning around, she gently deleted all their contact information. In the future, I hope that time will be quiet, so that each other will be safe and secure.

Although this is different, maybe never see you again. However, she is also very grateful to Zixuan, thank Zixuan once so persistent love her, thank Zixuan accompanied her to see the scenery she wanted to see, accompanied her to walk the way she liked. The love and fate of this scene is enough for her to recall and treasure her whole life. Occasionally, she would think of the time when Zixuan accompanied her. Whenever I miss him, Ruoxi will shed tears silently at the only pictures of him in military uniform. After all, this fate, this first love, has a beginning and an end, leaving her too many regrets. Always in the quiet night, pouring up the heart, heart-ache.

However, Ruoxi will not disturb Zixuan any more. She has already turned around, burying this fate, this first love, forever in the autumn with yellow leaves...

Author: Glaze Shadows

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