Womens Football World Cup - 2 goals behind three consecutive Australian 3 - 2 against Brazil

 Womens Football World Cup - 2 goals behind three consecutive Australian 3 - 2 against Brazil

[Brilliant moment

In the 26th minute, Brazil scored a penalty when Santos was dragged to the ground in Knights restricted area. One minute later, Marta took a penalty kick and tricked goalkeeper Williams into pushing the ball into the lower left corner of the goal. Mata scored the 16th goal in the World Cup, with Brazil leading 1-0!

In the 45th minute, Carpenters right baseline was sent back in an inverted triangle, and the right rib shot from the Gilnick restricted area was confiscated by Barbara.

In the first minute of half-time, Jerops left foot crossed obliquely, Logazo nodded before heading, Ford scored in the small restricted area, and Australia pulled back one point, 1-2!

Fifty-eighth minute, Gilnicks right pass, Logazonas back pass, the offensive and defensive players did not touch the ball, the ball directly into the goal, Australia equalized the score, 2-2!

In the 66th minute, Egmond midfielder made a long right-foot pass. Kerr was offside but did not touch the ball. Monica headed the ball to free himself from the Oolong. After VAR playback, the ball was judged valid, Australia 2 goals behind the case of 3-2 anti-super score!

[Both sides lineup

Australia (433): 1-Williams; 8-Knight, 7-Kettery, 14-Kennedy, 21-Carpenter; 6-Logazo, 10-Egmond, 13-Jerop; 9-Ford (955-Roestebuck), 20-Kerr, 15-Gilnick (7216-Lasso);

Unavailable substitutes: 2-Simon, 3-Luic, 11-Fana, 12-Mika, 18-Arnold, 19-Gori, 22-Harrison, 23-Allen

Brazil (442): 1-Barbara; 6-Tamiles, 21-Monica, 14-Catherine, 13-Santos; 7-Andresa, 5-Taisa, 8-Formica (4618-Luana), 9-Debina; 10-Marta (4619-Ludmila), 11-Crestiani (7516-Beatrice);

Unavailable substitutes: 2-Poliana, 3-Daanie, 4-Tayla, 12-Rees, 15-Camilla, 17-Andressana, 20-Lacker, 22-Leticia, 23-Gas