The Kneeling Incident of a 48-year-old Yuantong female courier: How easy is it to destroy a persons dignity?

 The Kneeling Incident of a 48-year-old Yuantong female courier: How easy is it to destroy a persons dignity?

Or, how hard is it to choose to lower your head?

A 48-year-old Yuantong female courier knelt down to apologize to her clients.

It happened in Guangrao, Shandong Province.

Nie Guiying, a 48-year-old courier, delivers mangoes to Mr. Zhang.

On delivery, Mr. Zhang found that there was one less mango than on the list.

Nie Guiying also admitted that she had not checked whether the packing was tight or not. Perhaps one really leaked out.

So she suggested that she could pay the original price.

In fact, in such a case, the courier did not tease, but took the initiative to compensate, it is very real.

Nie Guiying offered to pay three times as much as she could. She only asked not to complain because she might have lost her job.

But Mr. Zhang still disagrees.

I complained angrily and asked Yuantong Express to give a satisfactory solution. Mr. Zhang later explained this.

Nie Guiying was also helpless. She was originally a mango, but she had to compensate for a whole box. Not only did she lose the express fee, but she also put a lot of money on it.

But the rice bowl was so important that Nie Guiying had to pay for a box of mangoes to send to the customers.

Unexpectedly, after Mr. Zhang received the mango, he was still unsatisfied and complained about Yuantong four times in a row.

2,000 yuan, almost Nie Guiyings ten-day income, is the hard-earned money from the wind and rain.

In order to get Zhangs understanding, Nie Guiying had to ride an electric bicycle and come to Zhangs residence.

Then he called the police and asked them to take Nie Guiying away.

But what you get is still a cold sentence: its no use kneeling, dont come to this set.

Sometimes, I really dont understand why we should hurt each other even though its not easy to live.

I can really feel the broken voice of the 48-year-old sister when she knelt down.

At home, she is mother, wife, in the neighborhood, she is elder sister, elder generation.

However, at this moment, she is just a helpless middle-aged person.

Thousands of dollars, a job that can earn a living, a job that is innocent, can make many people give up their dignity, or even all.


A single illness is enough.

This is the last paragraph written by 22-year-old Wang Hao on a certain platform.

Five days later, facing his mothers huge medical expenses of 800,000 yuan, Wang Hao, already penniless, leaped down with his attachment to his family and guilt for his mother.

After graduating from junior high school, Wang Hao worked in an enterprise in the village, earning 3000 yuan a month. My father is a honest farmer, and my brother is eager to go to college.

But all this changed on July 3, 2018.

Mother Liu Zhenying was found to have acute myeloid leukemia M4.

Since his mothers illness, Wang Hao has no mind to go on working and follow his father around to raise money. In order to borrow money, Wang Hao calls all the friends he knows and promises to pay back the money with his life.

In front of his relatives, the big man knelt down with his father in order to raise more money and more money.

But few people are willing to borrow money.

Cold eyes and rejection are the most painful feelings Wang Hao felt. He suddenly found that even though he humbled his dignity to the dust, he could not resist the chill.

For people, the most terrible thing is to lose confidence in life.

On the morning of July 27, Wang Hao returned home to collect things. When Wang Yong saw his loneliness, he comforted himself by saying, Son, go back to the meeting and have a rest. In the afternoon, you can go to work without much thought.

Unexpectedly, this became the last dialogue between father and son. At 10 oclock that evening, Wang Hao jumped down. A family of four, one death and one illness.

For ordinary-income families, a serious illness often means a loss of basic dignity.

It means endless treatment and care, huge medical expenses, and, more importantly, great mental stress and the total loss of dignity as a human being.


Destroy ones dignity

One failure is enough.

By the end of 2017, ZTE programmers jumped from the building, which gave us a better understanding of the hardships of middle-aged men.

Beihang Bachelors degree, Nankai Masters degree, after graduation, Huawei worked for 8 years, ZTE worked for 6 years, senior engineer.

His resume is not glorious. But the superficial decency can not hide the vulnerability of middle-aged people under the burden. When unemployment strikes, his world suddenly darkens.

A happy family of three

It was not only material loss that overwhelmed him, but more importantly, the loss of all his career.

The pursuit of fame, status and value in exchange for youth dissipates with unemployment.

Half a lifetime has passed, and can no longer afford to wither dignity.

In Tiexi, a heavy industrial base in that year, there was a family. Both husband and wife worked in factories. They were laid off at the age of 40, and their children were still in junior high school. Thats what happened for years.

But at that time, they couldnt even afford meat, and they still owed a lot of foreign debt. They really had no money to buy shoes.

During the meal, the wife scolded her husband a few words, blaming him for his incompetence, unable to find a job, and now shoes can not afford to buy, the two women follow him, can only suffer.

The story came to an abrupt end.