Fifth Ring Outer Limit Housing Competition Encountered by High-end Home Purchasers Called for Adjustment of the Standard of Popular Housing

 Fifth Ring Outer Limit Housing Competition Encountered by High-end Home Purchasers Called for Adjustment of the Standard of Popular Housing

From the point of view of location and matching, I cant imagine that this house is actually a non-ordinary house, besides, I bought 89 square meters of small household products. Lei Ming calculated the account for the reporter. Taking the house he was going to buy as an example, the total price of a single project is about 4.5 million yuan. If he calculates according to the standard of ordinary residence, he only needs to pay 60% down payment, and the down payment is 2.7 million yuan. He can pay the down payment only by selling the old house. However, according to the current non-ordinary residential standard, his preferred property is classified as non-ordinary residential, 80% of the down payment reached 3.6 million yuan, a full height of 900,000 yuan. Buying a new house, he basically has no savings, but also monthly loan repayment, think about the future days, I really have no bottom in my heart.

In fact, the experience of thunder is not a case in point. At present, in the Beijing real estate market, many ordinary buyers who buy commercial housing are facing the situation of being high-end by limited competition. On the one hand, there are not a few limited competitive housing projects in the 5-6 ring. On the other hand, at the beginning of land transfer, most of the conditions of 7090 policy were determined. Small and medium-sized household products of 90 square meters became the mainstream of the current market, and often the corresponding consumer groups of these products were just-in-need people, and their ability to pay was relatively weak.

The original intention of the policy is not to guarantee the low-end, support the middle-end and market the high-end? Can we properly adjust the current classification standards of non-ordinary housing to ease the burden of newly-needed buyers? Thunder said.

Industry insiders pointed out that there are significant differences between ordinary housing and non-ordinary housing in various taxes and fees, including deed tax, stamp tax, land value-added tax, business tax of second-hand housing transactions. More importantly, the number of loans in the purchase phase will be much higher. At present, the down payment ratio of the first ordinary housing in Beijing is not less than 35%, the down payment ratio of the first non-ordinary housing is not less than 40%, the down payment ratio of the second ordinary housing is not less than 60%, and the down payment ratio of the second non-ordinary self-housing is not less than 80%.

According to the Director of Market Research of Equity Think Tank, the adjustment of common housing standards in Shanghais history is basically a non-compulsory triennial adjustment, which is linked to the real estate cycle. It is good for both housing management and tax and fee management to incorporate some projects originally belonging to non-ordinary residences into ordinary residences.

At this stage, Beijing Business Journal reporters have tried to interview the relevant departments of Beijing Municipal Housing and Construction Commission on whether the current ordinary housing standard has the opportunity and conditions for adjustment, but so far they have not received any response from the other side.

Embarrassing Five Rings External Limit Housing Competition

The current standard of ordinary housing does bring us a lot of pressure on sales, a price-limited housing project marketer told Beijing Business Daily that many of their customers are just in need of change, limited financial capacity, resulting in a worrying speed of project demineralization. This completely deviates from the fast turnover that the company hoped to achieve before it took the land. However, there are not many limited competitive housing projects in Beijing. Some enterprises are facing the pressure of de-industrialization because they have more than ten restricted competitive housing projects in Beijing, which include direct manipulation, joint manipulation and equity participation.

According to statistics of relevant institutions, the supply scale of price-limited housing in Beijing is about 4 million square meters. Another 4.5 million square meters have not yet entered the market. Looking at the land listed before the Spring Festival in 2019, Beijing has a total of nearly 95 limited housing projects, totaling 12 million square meters of supply. Developers will invest about 600 billion yuan. So far, the cost of one years capital is about 60 billion yuan.

From the land cost of 95 limited competitive houses, 44 cases have premium rate of 20%, 17 cases have premium rate of 10% - 20%, and 26 cases have premium rate of less than 10%. Only less than 10 of the 50 listed projects are likely to be profitable, while all others are flat or losing money. From the point of view of the sales cycle, the sales expectations are far exceeded. And from all kinds of costs, they are far more than expected.

(Original title: Fifth Ring Outer Limit Housing Competition Encountered by High-end Home Purchasers Called for Adjustment of the Standard of Popular Housing)

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