Xian stipulates that owners of dog ropes exceeding 2 meters will face a fine of 200-500 yuan.

 Xian stipulates that owners of dog ropes exceeding 2 meters will face a fine of 200-500 yuan.

According to the Xian Police, Article 27 of the Regulations on Restricting Dog Raising in Xian stipulates that the traction belt shall not exceed two meters, and the traction belt shall be tightened consciously when pedestrians are crowded; the dog shall take the elevator or or stairs to avoid the rush hour and take the initiative to avoid others; the dog shall stop immediately when attacking others, and shall not endanger the personal safety of others. Violation of the above provisions shall be ordered by the public security organ to make corrections and may be concurrently imposed a fine of not less than 200 yuan but not more than 500 yuan.

At present, the door-to-door investigation and punishment are also ongoing, and more and more effective information is reported by the masses, which helps to further standardize civilized dog raising. The focus on dog rope inspection is also due to the recommendations of the public. A few days ago, some citizens reported that some dog owners looked at the rope tied to the dog, but the rope was as long as the one without the rope. When the dog runs far away, it cant be controlled. Another woman, Zhang, who has been raising puppies for many years, said that she had bought that kind of stretching dog rope. She looked at the foreign work. She also had a handle, which could be lengthened and shortened by twisting a rope at will. But once the rope was longer. When she saw the puppy jumping towards an old man, she quickly closed the rope and could not get it back in half a day.

Relevant opinions and suggestions reflected by the Chinese Business Daily have been docked and conveyed to the Xian Police in time. The person in charge said, I hope that the broad masses of citizens can actively participate in the construction of our beautiful home.

If there is a report, it must be investigated and dealt with.

On the morning of June 12, the public security New Town Nutrition Limited Office received a report from the public that a household on the 17th floor of the 8th floor of Bafuzhuang District, Hanyuan Road, raised a number of dogs, which smelled terrible and disturbed the people by barking. Police joint residential property door-to-door investigation, no one in the dog household, and finally posted the Notice, ordering the household to immediately transfer the excessive number of dogs.

Some citizens reported that in the vicinity of No. 67 Middle School in Xian, there were always stray dogs chasing passers-by. On June 12, Lianhu Branch of the Public Security Bureau set up a joint Hongmiaopo Police Station to inspect the construction sites around and to the south of No. 67 Middle School in Mingzhu Lane, and finally collected a stray dog.

On June 12, people reported that there were two stray dogs around Chunlin District in Qujiang. The inspection team of Yanta Branch of Public Security Department rushed to the scene and captured all the two stray dogs.