Lukaku: Ive made a decision to suggest in detail that Manchester United will sell him.

 Lukaku: Ive made a decision to suggest in detail that Manchester United will sell him.

On the official INS, Manchester United produced many pictures, each of which marked a certain 1-2 month schedule for the next season. In addition, there is a Manchester United star in every picture. The Sun said that Manchester United must be very cautious in choosing the players in the picture. After all, it is the summer window that opens now. In these pictures, we see three superstars, Bogba, De Gea and Rushford. In addition, Dallowt, Lindlov and McTominet also appeared in the picture.

However, Lukaku was not seen in all the pictures. Lukaku is Manchester Uniteds second-highest ever transfer fee and one of the few stars in Uniteds squad. The Sun says there must be something wrong with what Manchester United are doing today. Some British media have stressed that Lukaku will not be able to play in Manchester Uniteds new season opener against Chelsea. Recently, the British media have repeatedly said that Lukaku will leave Manchester United this summer because he is dissatisfied with his situation in the team.

The Daily Mirror revealed today that Lukaku has made up his mind to leave and is keen to join Inter. In an interview, Lukaku said yesterday: I have made a decision about my future, but I cant disclose the details yet because my contract with Manchester United is not over and I respect Manchester United. When the reporter asked him if he would go to Inter, Lukaku did not answer, but responded with a fascinating smile.

Im a big fan of Serie A and everyone who knows me knows Ive always wanted to play in the Premier League and Serie A. I love Italy. Serie A is very exciting. Ronaldo has gone there, Sali will also coach Juventus, while Ancelotti will be in Napoli. Im glad to see Condi become the coach of Inter. In my opinion, he is the best coach in the world. Next, the club will negotiate with my agent, but I have made a decision. Lukaku said. Although it was not clear that he wanted to go to Inter, Lukakus comments almost made his whereabouts semi-public this summer.

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