Graduates Report of 2019: Seventy percent choose to rent a house for an average monthly rent of 1668 yuan

 Graduates Report of 2019: Seventy percent choose to rent a house for an average monthly rent of 1668 yuan

The report is based on a survey of graduates from 15 cities in the frontline and the new frontline in 2019. Their academic qualifications are junior college or above. Among them, 30% of graduates come from first-tier cities and 70% from new-tier cities.

For graduates who have just come out of campus, have limited economic conditions and lack of social experience, finding a stable residence has become one of the tests for them to go to society. According to the report, nearly 70% of graduates have rented or are ready to rent, and 30.3% of graduates say they do not consider renting.

From the rent situation, due to economic constraints, the rent of graduates is concentrated in 800 yuan (RMB, the same below) to 1800 yuan per month, with an average rent of 1668 yuan per month. The average rent of first-tier cities is higher than that of new-tier cities. For new graduates, rental pressure is generally greater. In a multiple-choice survey asking about the source of rent, 81.4% of the respondents checked personal wages, 42.7% of the respondents checked parental support, and 26% of the respondents chose bank credit cards. Among them, the report shows that parentssubsidized rent accounts for between 20% and 50% of the total rent of graduates.

When asked whether they would choose to share the rent with others, 54.9% of the graduates chose to share the rent with others. In choosing the target of the rent, colleagues, classmates and other people who are more familiar with and have more common language are the main groups. In addition, most of the graduates hope that the co-tenants have simple social relations, better living and working habits.

In addition, the report found that buying a house was still one of the goals of most respondents. According to the report, 95% of the respondents said they had a clear housing plan, 76.6% of the graduates wanted to buy a house in the working city (including their home town). Another 16.4% of the graduates said they would go back to their home city to buy a house, while only 1.3% of the graduates did not plan to buy a house.

According to the report, graduates generally have clearer plans in employment, rental, home ownership and other aspects, and the younger generation has a strong sense of independence, most of them hope to achieve their life goals by their own efforts. (end)

Source: Responsible Editor of CNN: Wang Xiaowu_NF