National Youth Sports Winter and Summer Camp (Beijing Station) was solemnly held in 2019

 National Youth Sports Winter and Summer Camp (Beijing Station) was solemnly held in 2019

In the shooting order of Zhang Xia, deputy director of Beijing Sports Bureau and Wang Huan, principal of Shijia Primary School, the Parent-Child Games opened the first collective competition event, Super Runner. There are three major events and nine minor events in the Games, including 10*15m face-to-face relay race in collective sports, long jump in family sports, double rope skipping, catching and throwing, 2*15m round-and-turn race, super shooting, parent-child cooperative dribbling, obstacle relay race and football shooting.

The exciting and interesting sports events have pushed the activities to a climax. The children and parents in the field are all vigorous and vigorous. They are full of positive, cooperative and enterprising sports atmosphere, which makes parents and children not only exercise their bodies, but also enhance their relatives in a pleasant game, and achieves the goal of physical fitness and family exchange.

On the spot, parents are excited about their appearance. Mr. Li, the parents of the first grade students, said, Usually, they are busy with their work and do not have enough time to accompany their children. Today this activity gives me and my children a very unforgettable Childrens Day. The parents of the second grade students, Ms. Gu, said, Its a great pleasure to see their children play actively and strive for the first place. Its a rare occasion to participate with their children equally, which gives me a deeper communication with their children.

The children also expressed themselves positively. A glorious pupil said, I not only formally became the successor of socialism, but also participated in the sports meeting with my mother. I feel very happy.

As the host, the gardeners also expressed their honor to participate in the event as an organizer. They had a great significance in the childrens day.

It is understood that the National Youth Sports Winter and Summer Camp deeply implements the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, aiming at cultivating teenagersinterest in participating in sports, mastering two or three sports skills and forming good habits of lifelong participation in sports through training of sports skills.

As one of the important contents of Beijing Station of National Youth Sports Winter and Summer Camp, this activity strives to build a benchmark of demonstration parent-child Sports Summer Camp, which will play a leading and exemplary role in the development of National Youth Sports Winter and Summer Camp. Developing parent-child sports activities to provide the environment and atmosphere for children and parents to exercise and grow up together not only enhances the feelings between parents and children, but also promotes the healthy development of children, which is of positive significance to strengthen the sports atmosphere of school-family interaction.

Parent-child Summer Camp takes parent-child sports as a breakthrough point. Through collective activities, it can cultivate teenagersinterests and habits in participating in sports activities, improve their physical health level, shape their will quality and healthy personality, and promote their physical and mental health and all-round development. It is of great and far-reaching significance to consolidate the foundation of healthy growth.