Six people trapped in a hotel elevator missed the college entrance examination for 40 minutes: Feeling like life was ruined

 Six people trapped in a hotel elevator missed the college entrance examination for 40 minutes: Feeling like life was ruined

Seeing that the time for the entrance examination is approaching, the examinee is trapped in the hotel elevator. This is a worrying scene, which happened in a hotel in Liangshan County Town, Jining City. At about 2:00 p.m. on June 8, six college entrance examinees in Liangshan County were trapped for more than 40 minutes while taking the elevator in the 118 Metropolitan Hotel, so they missed the English exam. How did it happen? How did the incident affect the candidates? What did the education department say? What was the result of the consultation between the hotel and the parents of the candidates? How did the hotel respond? Qilu Evening News Qiluyi reporter interviewed the candidates.

Six candidates were rejected

Candidates less than told reporters, because they live far away from home, on June 6, they were 800 meters away from the test point in the city 118 Hotel (Phoenix shop Liangshan County), can not imagine, before the last English exam opened, but encountered elevator failure. On the afternoon of the 8th, we took the hotel elevator downstairs at 14.15 p.m. because the English exam was 15 minutes ahead of schedule, but we didnt get out of the elevator until 14.55 p.m. Because in the meantime, the elevator did not open when it reached the first floor. In addition to their six candidates in the elevator, there was also an American troupe takeaway.

At about 14:20, Fang Tangping, the head teacher of Class Three and Six of Liangshan Modern Senior High School, saw the video uploaded by Xiao Zhang in the QQ group of the class. He said that six candidates were trapped in the elevator. In an emergency situation, I asked Fang Tangping to rush to the hotel with two policemen. Huang Xiangyu, Vice Principal of Liangshan Modern Senior High School, introduced that there were four candidates staying in the hotel. The remaining two candidates started from home and gathered together in the hotel to take the English exam.

At 14:27, the examinee Xiao Zhang gave an alarm to 110, hoping to open a green channel and escort the examinee to the test site in time.

At 1434 hours, two policemen on duty and Fang Tangping arrived at the hotel. At 1437 hours, Huang Xiangyu, who was at the examination point of No. 1 Middle School in Liangshan, dialed 119 rescue calls. Thirteen minutes later, rescuers from Liangshan County Fire Brigade arrived at the hotel; at 1455 hours, six trapped students were rescued from the elevator. A minute later, the candidates arrived at the test site in a police car.

While the candidates were rescued, Liangshan County Recruitment Committee office staff reported to the Municipal Recruitment Committee as soon as possible. Municipal Recruitment Committee reply: Strict implementation of the provisions of the College Entrance Examination, 6 candidates arrived at the examination room more than 14:45 minutes, no entrance examination.

Six candidates were refused because they were 11 minutes away from the entrance examination. Accompanied by the lead teacher, they returned to the hotel to wait for the results.

Applicant Xiao Zhang who stayed in the hotel submitted an application for no longer follow the school to arrange accommodation and meals in a unified way.

Schools will deduct part of the cost

On June 9, six candidates, accompanied by their parents and teachers, went to Liangshan Education and Sports Bureau and were told that they could not make up for the exam. Candidates less than said, Professional courses over the score line, take an English test can go to undergraduate course, efforts for so long, so missed. What worries us more is the reform of the college entrance examination next year, whether we can get into college or not. At that time, the mood was very collapsed, and some students were crying at the entrance to the exam, which made them feel very uncomfortable. Candidate Xiao Zhang said.

According to the reporter, as early as May 29, four candidates who stayed at 118 Metropolitan Hotel submitted to Liangshan Modern Senior High School an application for no longer following the unified arrangement of accommodation and meals. With the approval of the head teacher and the school, they entered the 118 Metropolitan Hotel by themselves under the arrangement of their parents. For the experience of six candidates, Huang Xiangyu said that if the candidates agreed to re-study for one year, the school would deduct part of the cost according to the results of the college entrance examination. If you choose to continue to apply for the exam, the school can arrange experienced teachers to give one-to-one guidance in order to enable children to be admitted to the corresponding schools.

The hotel offered a compensation of 20,000 yuan per person.

No agreement was reached between the two sides.

On the afternoon of the 12th, the reporter rushed to the hotel and found that only one elevator had been put on the notice of Elevator Maintenance, please walk on the ladder.

On the afternoon of the 8th, we shut down the elevator and cut off the power supply. Now the hotel has stayed in many high school candidates, the elevator will not run until the cause of the failure is determined. Fang Yameng, the legal representative of City 118 Hotel (Phoenix Shop in Liangshan County), said that six candidates had an accident in the hotel and that they would not evade their responsibility. They are currently mediating with the parents of six candidates.

According to the cost of re-reading and art examination, we offered a compensation of 20,000 yuan per examinee, but it was rejected. It is unreasonable for us to claim 200,000 compensation from parents. Fang Yameng said that the hotel will do its best to meet the financial compensation parents reasonably require. If the two sides can not reach a settlement, he would prefer to solve the problem through judicial means.

For the problem of why the elevator fails and the car door can not be opened, the county market supervision bureau immediately ordered the hotel elevator to stop using, and investigated the manufacturers, installation units, maintenance and evidence. After investigation, the elevator manufacturer is Lida Boshi (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and the elevator installation company is Heze Bojie Elevator Co., Ltd. The installation date of the elevator is September 12, 2018. The elevator has passed the inspection and inspection of Jining Branch of Provincial Special Procuratorate. Sun Yinliang, deputy director of Liangshan County Market Supervision Bureau, told reporters that during the normal maintenance period, the last maintenance of the elevator was June 1, 2019. In order to verify the cause of elevator failure, elevator manufacturers and professional inspection agencies have been coordinated to the hotel for inspection.

This elevator fault is accidental, after the accident we again run the detection and found no problem. Due to the narrow space of the elevator, it is initially suspected that the passenger accidentally touched the elevator door lock inductor. After the door lock was disconnected, the elevator brake support started, causing the stop of the elevator. Jin Feng, manager of Shandong Heze Bojie Elevator Co., Ltd., said that the specific causes of the elevator failure need to be further tested by factory staff. Reporters learned that on the morning of the 13th, elevator manufacturers and professional elevator detection agencies will arrive at the hotel involved.

College Entrance Examinees Missed the Examination due to Elevator Trouble Official: Try to Provide Re-reading Facility

Recently, media reported that six college entrance examinees in Liangshan County, Jining City, Shandong Province were trapped in hotel elevators on the exam day of June 8, and rescued by rescue workers, they were still 10 minutes later than the latest entrance time stipulated in the exam, unable to enter the exam hall and failed to take the foreign language examination. On the morning of June 13, the office of Liangshan County Enrollment and Examination Committee provided information on this matter to Pengbang News. It confirmed that six candidates had missed the foreign language exam because of the elevator failure. It said that the next step was to coordinate the work by the education department and make every effort to provide students with convenience for remedial reading.