Customer of Express Mango Dropping and Kneeling Incident: Complaints have been issued to certify the police

 Customer of Express Mango Dropping and Kneeling Incident: Complaints have been issued to certify the police

In May this year, Mr. Zhangs mother in Guangrao County, Shandong Province, received a box of four mangoes free of charge. After being transported home by Ms. Nie, a Yuantong courier, he found that one mango was missing and the package was broken. Mr. Zhang refused to accept the mango and made his first complaint for compensation, and said that he would not accept Yuantong mail anymore.

What I said at that time was compensation for mango, and what I said was to send other couriers. Finally, I negotiated with the courier, which store I bought, you can buy me a box from which store exactly the same.

After being complained, Yuantong asked Ms. Nie to settle the matter as soon as possible. For this reason, she bought a box of mango worth 52 yuan at her own expense as compensation. But because Mr. Zhang refused to accept Yuantong Express, she posted a courier form from China Post and sent it again by herself.

Its playing tricks on me and deceiving me. So I made another complaint, not because of Mango complaint, but because she was a smooth (courier) why she sent me a false package.

After receiving the alarm from Mr. Zhang, Wang Haigang, a police officer at Daozhuang Town Police Station of Guangrao County Public Security Bureau of Dongying City, issued a certificate explaining Mr. Zhangs complaint to Yuantong Company, hoping that Yuantong Company would not punish the courier.

Some netizens questioned that Mr. Zhang himself asked not to accept Yuantong express delivery, but also mango, so the courier made this decision, and sent him a box of mango himself. Is this a bit unreasonable?

Mr. Zhang did not directly respond to this question, but said that his complaints were directed at Yuantong Company, not at Ms. Nie, the courier, and did not expect such consequences.

The complainer, Mr. Zhang, told reporters that the incident has developed to the present time, not his intention. He said that he had launched two complaints, which were justified and not malicious.

Mr. Zhang said that the courier was afraid of being punished by the company and knelt down at their home. At that time, he chose to call 110 to call the police.

But then the police were not polite in the process of enforcing the law, and the letter to Yuantong revealed which village he lived in, so he complained to the police.

Mr. Zhang: I complained to the police because when the police came to me, the attitude ofservicewas very tough. The police said, would you only complain? I said yes, the state did not say that it could not complain.

According to Pengchao News, Mr. Zhang is also preparing to apply for administrative reconsideration, asking the police to apologize and restore his reputation.

Wang Haigang, a police officer who wrote this letter to Ms. Nie, said to the media that he had written to Yuantong only after seeing that the courier worked very hard and was deducted 2,000 yuan from Yuantong Companys salary.

On November 11th, the reporter learned through people familiar with Wang Haigang, the police, that when the certificate rose in popularity that afternoon, Wang Haigangs telephone and police stations telephone were blown up, and finally the mobile phone was shut down directly. He himself was under great pressure.

The most domineering proof of the emergence of the police: not to fight against injustice, we are acting in accordance with the law (source:)

Yuantong Express staff responsible for Media Communications said that after receiving the certificate, the penalty for express delivery personnel had been cancelled, and after investigation, Mr. Zhang was reserved the right to be blacklisted.

Yesterday (12) late at night, @Yuantong Express issued a long-term report announcing the results of the follow-up investigation and processing, saying that according to the headquarters instructions, Ms. Nie had been offered condolences and 10,000 yuan of condolences, requesting the company to learn Ms. Nies customer-centered service concept throughout the network, and also sent Jinqi to the Daozhuang Police Station of Guangrao County Public Security Bureau.

At the same time, the statement also mentioned that the company will further improve the complaint screening system, say no to malicious complaints, continue to strengthen the network business guidance, optimize the network and front-line personnel assessment and management system. (The long article is attached at the end of the article)

Expert: Express companies should be humanized

Many express companies have been listed in recent years, so they are particularly sensitive to complaints and will increase penalties for complaints. The express company also has a problem of investigating the cost of this matter, to verify (if) the cost is relatively high, if the loss is your responsibility must be punished, but this matter, if the general company can prove that it is not the responsibility of the courier, it should be dealt with humanistically and compensated by the company to the customer.

Employees have suffered grievances and enterprises should support them. Unfortunately, due to the lack of sophisticated management, many express companies are accustomed to hiding behind the scenes, simply handling customer complaints, and brutally punishing employees, so the penalty for custody management model has even become a hidden rule of the express industry. Only by opening up a complaint channel for couriers, amending extensive reward and punishment regulations and supporting the rights and interests of workers from the system, can couriers avoid sweating and tears.

@ Yuantong Express Official Statement of 12 June: