2019 Shanghai TV Festival Thai Opera Festival - and Thai Star Fresh! New Play Press, 2019

 2019 Shanghai TV Festival Thai Opera Festival - and Thai Star Fresh! New Play Press, 2019

From left to right Best, Jomjam, Bank, Victor

In addition, a number of new dramas will be released at home, including the self-made Tai Opera I may not love you, Prince Metamorphosis, Splash Prince of Water Swimming Youth Trilogy by Hansen Entertainment, and Before Returning to Love by ONE31.

BIE Airborne Exploded the Tai Opera Festival of Shanghai TV Festival in 2019

On June 11, at 14:00 p.m., sponsored by the Canton Film and Television Alliance, Yiding Media and Hansen Entertainment, Buli Mask and the Tai Opera Festival of Shanghai Television Festival 2019, which was strongly supported by the Cavena Wine Industry from South America, were held at Shanghai Garden Hotel. This activity belongs to the industry activities, and all the participants are professionals in the industry. More than 200 veterans, representatives of TV stations and video websites from China and Thailand attended the ceremony.

Hausli Danquela, Representative of the Thai Consulate General in Shanghai

Mr. Wang Hui, Secretary-General of Broadcasting Union

Mr. Wang Hui said that the dialogue between civilizations, film and television is the best carrier. Chinas market is huge and Asias market potential is bigger. You can look for more opportunities for cooperation here. The alliance will also provide members with a platform for international exchanges and actively promote international film and television cooperation.

As one of the organizers of this event, Yiding Media also introduced some new dramas that Yiding Media will introduce to you. In addition, it also introduced some new dramas which will be filmed or in preparation, such as Prince Metamorphoser, President falls in love with TA, Happy Transit Station, Stars for Love. These are all self-made dramas of Yiding Media. They are expected to be in Ming Dynasty. Years on line.

At the event site, Yiding Medias first self-made Tai opera The Year of Hurry was also released. At the same time, the stars Tiding Maha from Bank, Victor, Best and Jomjam also had the honor to come to the scene and share a lot of interesting things during the shooting.

(From left to right: Victor, Bank, Jomjam, Best)

Not only that, but also Hansen Entertainment brought you six masterpieces. Artists Xu Zhixian, Huang Shuhao, Perth, Title, Gun, Plan, Quan Peilun and Zhang Fan also attended the festival. The atmosphere was warm and fans screamed constantly.

Source: Responsible Editor of Beiguo Net: Fu Xiaomeng_NB7161