Global Times: The riots in Hong Kong have made relatives and enemies happy.

 Global Times: The riots in Hong Kong have made relatives and enemies happy.

Wednesdays scene is painful for relatives and quick for enemies. Wednesdays reports in the Western media were full of gloating and malicious tones that sang down Hong Kong. For example, the title of the Hong Kong topic on CNN website is: Protests have brought Hong Kong to a standstill. The headline of a commentary is: Does the new law mean the death of Hong Kong? What they convey is that they watch the fires across the shore, do not hesitate to do anything serious, and curse Hong Kongs death with malice.

The normal revision of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance has been heavily politicized and labeled. Hong Kongs most radical opponents are the clearest, and the Wests support for them is the clearest, but they are proud that such incitement is very effective. To engage in extreme political confrontation will not take moral considerations into account. Those people are fooling the people of Hong Kong, turning some of them into cannon fodder for their influence, and destroying the environment on which the well-being of the people of Hong Kong depends.

Back-to-back is a slogan designed by the opposition for this round of protests. Those forces apparently aimed their protests at the HKSAR government, but through this slogan they created fears about the mainland and the central government, separating Hong Kong and the motherland from their blood-thicker relatives. The draft amendments to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance are aimed at internationally recognized recidivists, but the opposition advocates that every Hong Kong person may be sent to China in the future. Such a crude counter-logical interpretation is most suitable for spreading through the chaotic square environment, which makes the impulsive groups irrational.

Please do not destroy the homeland of Hong Kong citizens like this! Hong Kong is a developed society ruled by law, where the political game of opposition should be carried out within the framework of the Basic Law, and all problems should be solved by law. Losing control of street politics is to push Hong Kong towards a backward and chaotic city, which is a retrogression. It is not the way Hong Kong should go.

U.S. Speaker of Parliament Pelosi and Taiwans Cai Yingwen are all cheering for the demonstrations in Hong Kong, many of whom hope that Hong Kong will become a card that can help them confront the mainland of China. What do Hong Kongs prosperity and well-being do with them? Hong Kongs ability to create chaos and unleash destructive energy through suicide is what they most want to see. Hong Kongs friends must not fulfill their wishes by destroying their own well-being.

Hong Kong has previously had agreements with 20 jurisdictions on the extradition of fugitives. Today, with more and more contacts between Hong Kong and the Mainland, it is reasonable to establish arrangements for the transfer of fugitives with the Mainland from any angle. Some people in Hong Kong are concerned that the judicial system in the Mainland is different from that in Hong Kong, which leads to certain risks. The Mainland and many other countries in the world have extradition treaties and practices, and the relevant arrangements are entirely international. With the continuous progress of the rule of law in the Mainland, it has become a firm principle of the rule of law in the Mainland that legality, suspected crime and exclusion of illegal evidence are legally prescribed, and demonizing the rule of law in the Mainland is a common tactic of external public opinion.

Regrettably, the radical opposition in Hong Kong is not seeking the well-being of the whole Hong Kong society, but for political self-interest and external hostility to the mainland. Hong Kong citizens need to recognize that those forces are trying to deceive, mislead and use them to realize their own interests. We believe that such knowledge will gradually accumulate. Where are the interests of Hong Kong people and who is really good for Hong Kong? After all, it has been a long time.

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